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Honorary Degree Recipient, Lewis Lloyd, May, 1980 (Photograph Collection, A-6638)
Name: Lewis Leroy Lloyd
Convocation date: May 16, 1980
Discipline / contribution: co-operative organizations ; community service
Citation / biographical information:
Eminent Chancellor, on behalf of the council and senate, I present to you Lewis Leroy Lloyd.
In his life Lewis Lloyd has exemplified a principle which he himself stated in an address he delivered on citizenship.
“With very little effort we can become better citizens, if we would only realize that we owe something to others. We owe something also to those who are to follow”. This, Mr. Lloyd Has done, and in goog measure.
As the son of a pioneer farmer, and as a farmer who weathered the dusty 30’s in southern Saskatchewan, Lewie Lloyd knew only too well the meaning of hardship, long hours of work, and the frustrations of unrealized expectations. This merely strengthened his resolve, in spite of limited opportunities for schooling, to become a self educated man and to devote his life to the betterment of the community in which he lived. His approach to this was not to seek outside help, but, by word and deed, to urge others to band together to help themselves. His record of leadership testifies to his success with this approach. Here is just a sampling of his efforts.
He was president of the United Farmers of Canada for five years, an office from which he learned much about economics. He is still an associate member of the Saskatchewan Farm Union.
He has been chairman of two school boards in the Province of Saskatchewan.
He was active in organizing the Agricultural Improvement Association, and became chairman of the association. This organization worked very closely with the Dominion Experimental Stations.
When I say he organized and was chairman of a Bull Club, I am using the word quite literally. This club, with bulls furnished by the Provincial Government, helped many farmers to acquire good breeding stock.
He was manager of a local co-operative for eight years and manager of a Credit Union for seven of those years, and assisted with co-op educational work for several local co-operatives in southwestern Saskatchewan for a period of eighteen months.
In 1950 he accepted a position with the Department of Co-operation with a special field officer and held this position for thirteen years.
He served four terms as a Wheat Pool delegate.
His years of experience as board member and manager of local cooperatives culminated in 1944 with his election to the Board of Directors of what is now known as Federated Co-operatives Limited. He holds the record of twenty-four years of service, for fourteen of which he was vice-president, and for four - President. During these years he still found time to serve on the board of the Credit Union League, as vice-president o the Co-operative Union of Canada, and as the first president of the Western Co-operative College.
Since his retirement from Federated Co-operatives in 1967, Mr. Lloyd has lived in Abbortsford, B.C. He has not let retirement interfere with his life’s work, however. He is active in Abbortsford in the Old Age Pensioner’s Organization, the Co-op Villa Housing Project, the Manor Society which provides housing units and serves meals to elderly citizens, and in the building of the Old Age Pensioner’s Hall.
This partial list of Mr. Lloyd’s accomplishments illustrates why the name of Lewie Lloyd is honored and respected even by those who felt his influence only indirectly.
Eminent Chancellor, I present to you Lewis Leroy Lloyd, and ask that you will confer on him the Degree of Doctor of Laws, honaris causa.

Degree received: Doctor of Laws

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