Honorary Degrees

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Honorary Degree recipient, Charles E. Childers, 1994 (University Secretary fonds)
Name: Charles E. Childers, B.Sc.
Convocation date: October 22, 1994
Discipline / contribution: business and industry ; public service
Citation / biographical information:
Eminent Chancellor, on behalf of the Council and Senate, I present to you Charles E. Childers.
Mr. Childers has a distinguished career in the Potash Industry. An engineer who graduated from the University of Illinois, he pursued opportunity first in New Mexico and then in Saskatchewan. Well before we saw him In the public role as Chief Executive Officer of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, he had risen to progressively more senior roles in the IMC organization throughout North America.
In 1987 Mr. Childers was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. All his experience was brought to the challenge of making PCS into a profitable and leading Saskatchewan, Canadian and International Corporation. His commitment and his leadership have been vital to the success of this very important part of our community.
His success has been recognized by his industry peers. He has served as an advisor to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the International Fertilizer Industry Association. He has led the Foundation for Agronomic Research, the Fertilizer Institute, and the Potash & Phosphate Institute.
Mr. Childers has also made a significant contribution to the broader Saskatchewan community. In the summer of 1990 he demonstrated community leadership when he committed PCS to help the Royal University Hospital acquire the much needed Magnetic Resonance Imager technology. He mobilized the entire organization and successfully encouraged the Saskatchewan community to support the campaign.
Far from being totally the organization man, Mr. Childers counts his roles as husband, father and grandfather as some of the most Important in his life.
With great pride, the University of Saskatchewan recognizes a Canadian and Saskatchewan business leader.
Eminent Chancellor, I present to you Charles E. Childers and ask that you will confer on him the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: John Brennan, Dean of Commerce

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