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Honorary Degree recipient, Joo Hoo Kim, 1997 (University Secretary fonds)
Name: Joo Ho Kim
Convocation date: May 20, 1997
Discipline / contribution: agriculture ; public service
Citation / biographical information:
EMINENT CHANCELLOR, On behalf of the Council and Senate, I present to you Joo Ho Kim.
Joo Ho Kim has spent a lifetime working for the benefit of the citizens of his country, mainly through the promotion and development of Korean agriculture. His government service includes being Governor of two different provinces in Korea, and Mayor of Pusan, the second-largest city in Korea. He has also served as Korea's Minister of Agriculture during the late 1980's and participated in developing the role of the United Nations Food and Agriculture organization.
We honour him today for his service to the agriculture industry in both countries. As a member and later Chair of the Korean Feed Association he has consistently argued for the creation of a more open and forward-looking import regime for a broad range of agriculture inputs, including breeding stock, livestock genetic products and well as feed ingredients. He has consistently advocated the modernization of Korean agriculture and created strong bilateral and multilateral links with agriculture in the West. In so doing, he has raised the awareness in Korea of the importance of animal nutrition research and has campaigned with the Korean Minister of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance for significant reductions in the duty imposed on feed grains, in particular canola meal and alfalfa, imports. As well he has promoted extensive education programs in the importance of animal nutrition, complemented by a series of initiatives including scientific cooperation, which have led to the use of better feed ingredients in animal husbandry. This latter action has opened a door to the Canadian feed industry and has had an enormous effect in both countries.
Mr. Kim has been a participant and a catalyst in the expansion of agri-food trade from Canada to Korea. When he became Chair of KFA in 1988 he has worked very closely with representatives of both government and industry in Canada, especially with the Canadian Wheat Board, the Canola Council of Canada and the Canadian Dehydrators' Association. He was instrumental in influencing policy in such a manner as to open this market to Canadian suppliers with major benefits to the prairie provinces. While the main motivation for this policy was to develop and support a strong livestock industry in Korea, its benefit has been enormous to Canadian producers. In 1998 Canada had less than $100 M worth of feed business in Korea, and last year this total was well over $1 Billion.. In addition Mr. Kim has been an excellent trade partner, very professional in all his dealings with our scientists and industry and always been a most gracious and generous host. It has been a pleasure to welcome him (and Mrs. Kim) to Saskatoon and to show them around our campus and city.
Eminent Chancellor I present to you Joo Ho Kim and ask that you confer on him the degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: John Stewart, Dean of Agriculture

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