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Honorary Degree recipient, Stepan Kostyshyn. 1997 (University Secretary fonds)
Name: Stepan S. Kostyshyn
Convocation date: April 3, 1997
Special Convocation: 90th Anniversary Convocation
Discipline / contribution: genetics ; university administration; international service
Citation / biographical information:
Stepan Kostyshyn was born on February 7, 1932 in the village of Zvyniach, Chorikiv district, Ternopil region, Ukraine. In 1955 he graduated from the College of Biology, Chernivtsi State University and from 1961 to 1964 he attended Post-Graduate School. In 1966 he received a Candidate (Ph.D.) degree in biology.
He taught at Chernivtsi State University as an Assistant Professor from 1966-68, an Associate Professor from 1968-85 and as a Full Professor since 1985. He was appointed Vice-President of Research in 1972. From 1978 to the present he has been Chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Experimental Biology. In 1987 he was appointed President of Chernivtsi State University.
For thirty years he has been working in the field of molecular and biochemical basis of plants gibridization and heterosis effect. The results of the research have been presented in more than 170 works. His monographs “Molecular and Biochemical Basis of Plants Heterosis”, “Molecular and Genetic Aspects of Heterosis” and textbooks “Genetic Transformation”, Somatic Gibridization”, “Informational Molecules:
Biochemistry and Genetics” are known in this country and abroad. He is Chairman of Chernivtsi Branch of the Ukrainian Biochemistry Society, and the Scientific Board for Candidate Dissertations Defense in Biochemistry, and a member of the Specialized Scientific Board for Doctorate Dissertations Defense in Plants Physiology, Kyiv National University. He is Chairman of the Board of Rectors of Chernivtsi Higher Learning Institutions Center and a member of the University Assessment Committee of Ukraine.
In 1994 he was selected and named as a Soros Professor by the International Soros Science Education Program. By the Act of President of Ukraine on February 4, 1997, he was awarded the Order of Merit for his work in education.
He is the author of the first (1977) and the following Agreements on Cooperation between Chernivtsi State University, Ukraine and the University of Saskatchewan. In 1977 he visited the University of Saskatchewan as a representative of Chernivtsi State University administration to establish contacts between the two universities. At present he is the Chairman of Chernivtsi Regional Branch of the “UkraineCanada” Society.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: David Atkinson, Dean of Arts and Science

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