Honorary Degrees

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Honorary Degree recipent, Henry Woolf, 1995 (Witltlin fonds)
Name: Henry Woolf, BA
Convocation date: May 30, 2001
Discipline / contribution: drama - performance
Citation / biographical information:
Henry Woolf has made an enormous contribution to the world of fine arts and particularly drama throughout Saskatchewan and worldwide. He is well known as an actor, director, playwright and University Professor. He has appeared in hundreds of plays, movies and TV productions. He has either acted or directed in plays in London, Paris, New York and particularly Saskatoon. His career in the theatre has spanned nearly fifty years and he is not finished yet. He is still very active in the theatre and is traveling to London for a spring production. One of his first major plays that he acted in was Rhinocerous with Sir Lawrence Olivier and directed by Orson Wells in London, England. He continued his artistic career in England and Continental Europe until the mid 1970s when he took up a teaching post at the University of Alberta Drama Department. By 1983, Henry Woolf joined the Drama Department at the University of Saskatchewan and became its head in 1995. In this role, he directed over one hundred plays. Very soon after his arrival in Saskatoon, Henry Woolf became a founding member of The Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival. The festival has received many awards and is a popular destination for thousands of local and international fans of the arts and theatre. In 1994, the University of Saskatchewan awarded Henry Woolf the “Master Teacher Award.” He was and is a popular figure on campus and throughout the City of Saskatoon. On his retirement from the Drama Department in 1997, he was awarded the status of “Professor Emeritus.” Even though he is now retired, he is very involved with the festival every summer and still finds time to act in or direct a play each summer in England. He is a popular speaker at university conferences and is a role model for the University of Sask-atchewan. He is truly an entertainer who continues to bring credit to the University of Saskatchewan.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: Don Kerr, Professor of English

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