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Honorary Degree Recipient, W. Harold Horner, September, 1984 (Photograph Collection, A-7933)
Name: William Harold Horner, BSA, MSc
Convocation date: September 28, 1984
Special Convocation: (special)
Discipline / contribution: agriculture ; community service
Citation / biographical information:
Mr. Chancellor, on behalf of the Council and Senate, I present to you Mr. William Harold Horner.
Few people in the history of Saskatchewan have influenced its development more than Harold Horner. He devoted his whole professional career to the public service in his native province. For over a quarter of a century, he held key posts with the government of Saskatchewan and throughout his career he remained a staunch and loyal friend of the College of Agriculture.
Harold Horner was raised on a farm in the Creetman district of Saskatchewan. He was awarded the B.S.A. in 1933 and M.Sc. in 1936 from the University of Saskatchewan. After a brief period of employment with the Field Husbandry Department in 1936, he accepted a full-time job with the Dominion Experimental Farm at Scott, Saskatchewan. He transferred to the Dominion Forage Crops Laboratory at Saskatoon two years later and left that institution to join the Canadian army in 1941. After a distinguished army career which took him to the battlefields of Europe, he joined the Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture as Assistant Director of the Agricultural Representatives Branch in 1946. His superior administrative ability was reflected in rapid promotions which led to his appointment to the top executive post, Deputy Minister of the Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture in 1951. He served in this capacity for over two decades, a remarkable achievement considering that this service was under three different governments and four ministers. He was appointed Executive Advisor in charge of grain handling and transportation systems for the government of Saskatchewan in 1972; a post he held until he reached mandatory retirement age in 1976.
Harold Horner's contributions to the agricultural industry, and to the profession of agrology have received wide recognition. He is a charter member of the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists, and as Deputy Minister was an ex-officio member of the Council of the S.I.A. for 21 years. In recognition of his many contributions to professional agrology, and for professional distinction associated with meritorious service to the agricultural industry, he was awarded the Distinguished Agrologist's Award in 1973.
He has served on many national committees, boards and agencies and has played a key role in the evolution and implementation of government policy particularly as it applies to Saskatchewan agriculture. Many of these policies and accomplishments related closely to and benefited the University of Saskatchewan.
Mr. Homer's contributions were equally significant in the community service area. His service in Her Majesty's Armed Forces for five years culminated with his promotion to Captain. He is a patron of the Regina Exhibition Association, a member of St. Luke's Anglican Church, and a past Master of Emulation Masonic Lodge. He has served as
Director of the United Way of Regina and the Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation. His service to the Canada West Foundation culminated in 1980 with the publication of a major report entitled "Western Canadian Agriculture to 1990". He is a devoted member of Rotary and Past President of Regina Rotary.
For services rendered he was awarded an Honorary Life Membership in the Saskatchewan Agricultural Graduates Association in 1970 and received a similar honor in 1977 from the Saskatchewan Dairy Association.
Mr. Chancellor, I present to you Mr. William Harold Horner and ask that you will confer on him the Degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: D.A. Rennie

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