Honorary Degrees

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Name: Louis Agustus Thorton, BA, BSc
Convocation date: May 19, 1967
Discipline / contribution: public service
Citation / biographical information:
Eminent Chancellor: The traditions of this University, so honorably established and maintained for over one half a century in the life of this emerging prairie society, are suitably strengthened and enhanced by the conferring of the degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa upon the person of Louis Agustus Thornton, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Professional Engineer. This honorable degree is reserved for those who have served faithfully and excellently without thought of reward save the dignity and satisfaction which comes from the faithful pursuit of truth in thought and act to the limit of those talents it has pleased Almighty God to grant. Louis Thornton has by his life and example distinguished himself in the growth of this City and Province, where he chose to serve throughout the active portion of the long life God preserved to him. Buoyed by a natural confidence in the future of this City and Province he spared not his energies in the most difficult times of our trials. Armed with a faith in God and a sense of the fitness of things as his experience revealed them, he bested the worst of our civic circumstances, gave vision where foresight was dim, gave confidence when faith was weak, and used his experience and imagination to set the pattern and structure in civil government where his wide influence could be felt. From 1906 through 60 years he served eminently the City and Province as a public servant, in the professional capacity for which his scientific training equipped him, as an administrator for which increasingly his experience moulded him, and voluntarily in many diverse activities which have enriched the social, recreational, cultural and religious life of Regina. And when he had laid aside his professional career in retirement, he brought his wisdom and experience to bear by taking the responsibility of elective office upon himself for a term. Now, in his 87th year, strengthened still by the bright-burning flame of the faith which has tempered his talents since youth, he is presented at the prayer of the learned University Council, Regina Campus, and of the august Senate of the University, well deserving of admission to Convocation by the conferring of the highest honor we may bestow, the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: F.W. Anderson, chair of the Economics Committee, Regina Campus
Degree presented at: University of Saskatchewan Regina Campus

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