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Honorary Degree recipient, Henry Janzen , 1927 (Greystone, 1927)
Name: Henry Janzen, BA, BEd, MEd
Convocation date: October 25, 1969
Discipline / contribution: Education ; community service
Citation / biographical information:
On behalf of the Senate of this University I present to you Henry Janzen who has devoted a lifetime to education in this province. He was born in Alberta, took his elementary and part of the secondary education program in Saskatchewan and, after completing this phase of his schooling in Ohio, returned to Saskatchewan where he was granted the B.A., B.Ed. and M.Ed. degrees at our own University. This was followed by post-graduate work at Columbia, Chicago and Maryland.
In 1928 he began his long and distinguished career in the field of education as an outstanding teacher of English. His work with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation as Chairman of the Curriculum Committee probably lead to his appointment as Director of Curricula of the Department of Education in 1944 from which he retired in 1967 after establishing an international reputation in this area.
Mr. Janzen was recognized for his work by being named the sole Canadian delegate to two UNESCO conferences in Washington, D. C. in 1948 and in Wellington, N.Z. in 1961.
The University of Saskatchewan sought his services as instructor in the Summer School program for ten summers and the University of Alberta appointed him to give a class in Curriculum Development for post graduate students in 1964.
Henry Janzen has served his community — city, province and nation in many ways as a member of innumerable committees or boards and has given hundreds of addresses mostly related to education. He has provided strong leadership in his church and in any organization to which he belongs.
This recital of his education, his official duties and his community service fail entirely to interpret the quality of the man. His colleagues have made such statements as “…No educator in the province has left an equal mark on the school system as it exists.” (Bergstrom) “…His name is synonymous in the profession with dedication, development and growth within the realm of curricula ....” (Toombs) “... the pattern Mr. Janzen has developed to involve teachers in curriculum planning has become a model for other provinces.” (Ready).
One of the outstanding characteristics of Hank Janzen is the warmth of his relationship to people and his belief in the value of the individual. His philosophy that the development of the individual student is the important thing in the school system has been a guiding principle.
The subject for his doctoral thesis was the development of a system of values so adequate attention in educational processes would be given to qualities of character - namely the concepts of integrity, courage, responsibility, justice, reverence, love, respect for law and order. While the thesis remains incomplete the underlying concepts have been his guiding lights.
Eminent Chancellor, I present to you Henry Janzen, and ask that you will confer on him the degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: W.A. Riddell, Principal, Regina Campus
Degree presented at: University of Saskatchewan Regina Campus

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