Honorary Degrees

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Honorary Degree recipient, Martha Blum , 2006 (University Secretary scans)
Name: Martha Blum
Convocation date: October 28, 2006
Discipline / contribution: literature ; music
Citation / biographical information:
Martha Blum is a multilingual writer, pianist, singer, and voice teacher who pursued her artistic and cultural work through decades of work as a pharmacist. Born in 1913 in the former Czernowitz in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Martha and her mathematician husband, Richard Blum (now deceased) immigrated to Canada in 1951, and subsequently to Saskatoon. Martha participated in theatre, and was a co-founder of the Opera Association of Saskatoon and also of the Alliance Francaise.

Her first novel, The Walnut Tree, was published in 1999, when she was 86 years old. Her second book, Children of Paper, was published in 2002, and her second novel (and third book), The Apothecary, was published in August 2006. Martha considers writing “an absolute necessity” something which she has done her entire life, even under “the most wrenching historical circumstances.” In 1998, Martha received the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Award from Human Rights Canada, recognizing her contributions to the cultural development of and cultural life in Canada.
Degree received: Doctor of Letters

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