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Honorary Degree recipient, Lotfi A. Zadeh, 2006 (University Secretary scans)
Name: Lotfi A. Zadeh
Convocation date: May 23, 2006
Discipline / contribution: computational science
Citation / biographical information:
Dr. Lotfi A. Zadeh, who is widely known as the father of the theory of fuzzy logic, is a Professor in the Graduate School, Computer Science Division, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, at the University of California, Berkeley.
In addition, he also serves as the Director of BISC (Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing).

The theory of fuzzy logic acknowledges that while we would like to believe that decisions can be made with complete confidence in their correctness, this is rarely the case and there is necessarily some associated uncertainty, a 'fuzziness', in the adopted decision. Dr. Zadeh pioneered the mathematical description of these uncertainties with the introduction of fuzzy set theory, an attempt to describe a lack of precision in the information that is used to make
a decision and the resulting doubt in the adopted decision. He developed this theory in the early 1960s, and his insistence that the frequently abstract mathematical world has applications in the solution of real-world problems has led to its application in a variety of areas such as fuzzy-neural systems, control systems, visions systems, artificial intelligence, expert systems, medical diagnosis, economic systems, judicial systems, and decision analysis.

Dr. Zadeh has a distinguished international reputation, and his scholarship has had a profound effect on the work of researchers and practitioners world wide. His research and prolific publication record has led to many medals and scientific prizes, including a Medal of Honour from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He has lectured around the world and is a member of the editorial boards of 55 scientific journals. In the less than 40 years since his theory was propounded, thousands of papers and Scores of textbooks have been written on this seminal topic, and at least 20 international journals are established in this field. He has over 200 primary publications with thousands of citations of his research papers and has received numerous prestigious awards. His outstanding contributions as an engineer/ scientist, educator and a member of the profession have earned him worldwide recognition.

Dr. Zadeh has visited the University of Saskatchewan and its Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory on five different occasions, and has inspired our university community through his thought provoking lectures and discussions on fuzzy logic and soft-computing methods. Through those presentations and numerous one-on-one discussions, he has been an inspiration and role model for many professors and students in our University. Because of his well-recognized research and countless publications, and his direct impact to scholarship and its practical applications here in our province, Dr. Zadeh is a worthy candidate to receive an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan.
Degree received: Doctor of Science

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