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Name: Brian Gable, BA, B.Ed.
Convocation date: October 24, 2015
Citation / biographical information:
Brian Gable was born in Saskatoon in 1949. For the first ten years of his life he grew up on a farm near Rosthern where, in that venerable prairie tradition, he attended a one-room school. In 1960 his family moved to Saskatoon, at that time a city of just under a hundred thousand citizens, but for a ten-year-old farm boy, a teeming urban metropolis.
After attending Holliston School and Walter Murray Collegiate, Mr. Gable was accepted in 1965 into the Pre-Architecture program in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan. Calculus and its complexities came between Mr. Gable and the practice of architecture. However, the Fine Arts classes of painting, design, drawing, and English, which were part of the Pre-Architecture curriculum, spoke strongly to him and Mr. Gable became a Fine Arts major and an English minor. It was during a first-year English survey class that a fellow student, after noting Mr. Gable’s endless doodlings in the margins of his notes, mentioned that the Sheaf was looking for a cartoonist. Over the next three years he submitted cartoons to the student paper and was able to take his first tentative steps in learning about the craft of satire.
In 1971, having graduated with a BA from the U of S, Mr. Gable moved to Toronto and enrolled in the College of Education at the University of Toronto. Graduating with a B.Ed. in 1971, he taught secondary school art in Brockville, Ontario, for the next nine years. It was during this period in Brockville that Mr. Gable took up his cartoonist’s pen once more and began freelancing editorial cartoons for the local paper, the Brockville Recorder and Times.
In 1980 Mr. Gable was hired by the Regina Leader Post as an editorial cartoonist and he remained with that paper until 1987, when he accepted a position as editorial cartoonist for the Globe and Mail, a position that he holds at present.
Mr. Gable’s work has been published in numerous publications including the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, Time Magazine, the Guardian, Prospect Magazine and numerous other publications. He has been nominated for a National Newspaper Award fifteen times and has won the award six times.
Degree received: Doctor of Letters

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