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Name: Agnes Herzberg
Convocation date: June 6, 2018
Discipline / contribution: statistics
Citation / biographical information:
Agnes M. Herzberg is a highly respected
statistician and professor emeritus of
mathematics and statistics at Queens
Born in Saskatoon to parents who were
both scientists, Dr. Herzberg left Western
Canada at an early age, but has returned
often, in particular when earning her M.A.
and Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of
Dr. Herzberg began her career with a National
Research Council of Canada Post-Doctorate
Overseas Fellowship at Birkbeck College and
Imperial College of Science and Technology,
colleges of the University of London
(1966-1968), and then became a lecturer at
Imperial College (1968-1988). During these
years, she accepted brief engagements at
the University of California, Berkeley (1975);
University of Washington, Seattle (1977) and
the Mathematics Research Center at the
University of Wisconsin, Madison (1981). In July
1988, she was appointed professor at Queen’s
University, becoming professor emeritus in
Dr. Herzberg’s principal research interests have
been concerned with the statistical design of
experiments including contributions to the
design of clinical trials in medicine. She has
worked with many collaborators internationally.
Recently, with Dr. Ram Murty, she co-authored
a paper concerned with the popular Sudoku
puzzle, showing noteworthy properties,
including its potential for data compression.
She was founding editor of Short Book Reviews,
a publication of the International Statistical
Institute; during her twenty-six years of
editorship, the journal handled over 12,500
Dr. Herzberg’s participation in the Statistical
Society of Canada (SSC) included serving
as president and as a member of many
committees. She has received many honours,
for example, the SSC Service Award in
acknowledgement of her leadership, and
election in 2008 to the Royal Society of Canada
“for her pioneering contributions to statistics”.
Believing that individuals are enriched by
exchanges with those in other disciplines,
Dr. Herzberg introduced the idea of
inviting scientists and others to statistical
conferences. Honouring the memory of her
father, Dr. Gerhard Herzberg, the Conference
on Statistics, Science and Public Policy is
held annually at Herstmonceux Castle in the
United Kingdom. In this unique gathering,
a diverse mix of scientists, politicians,
civil servants and journalists from many
countries address significant policy issues.
The conferences are summarized in edited
Dr. Herzberg is a generous supporter of not
only academic but also cultural projects, and
her worldwide circle of colleagues and friends
represents her far-reaching interests. She is
an inspired and inspiring model of loyalty
and commitment to the individuals and
institutions that have been part of her life.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws

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