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T. Thorvaldson in his lab, 1958 (Photograph Collection A-1640)
Name: Thorbergur Thorvaldson, B.A., Ph.D., D.Sc.
Convocation date: May 12, 1950
Discipline / contribution: teaching ; research
Citation / biographical information:
The Committee recommends the award of the degree of Doctor of Laws to:
Dean T. Thorvaldson.
[Senate minutes, 11 May 1950]

From the senate minutes of 11 May 1949:
The following resolution was adopted:
On the occasion of the retirement of Dr. T. Thorvaldson, Dean of Graduate Studies, we desire to record our sense of gratitude for his long and distinguished period of service in this University. In the Department of Chemistry, of which he was head for thirty years, he has created a reputation that has raised the University to a position of renown wherever our students have gone. Himself pre-eminent in research, he has inspired and trained alike the members of his staff and his students to become active in the same work. In a singular way, he has combined the theoretical and the practical aspects of chemistry and thus he has been an able and well-informed director of many investigations related to agriculture and industry. Through hs assiduous attention to detail, and his zeal for high standards of scholarship, as Dean of Graduate Studies, he has had a profound and enduring effect on the life of the entire University, particularly in the important matter of training able students to prosecute advanced study and research. As an academic colleague, he has been not only an inspiring example of fine scholarship, but also a wise counsellor and a trusted friend.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws

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