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Honorary Degree Recipient, Arthur Richardson Brown, May 11, 1956 (Photograph Collection, A-3649)
Name: Arthur Richardson Brown, B.S.A.
Convocation date: May 11, 1956
Discipline / contribution: education ; horticulture
Citation / biographical information:
Eminent Chancellor, I present a distinguished Canadian. Arthur Richardson Brown was born at Watford, Ontario, received his early education in the local schools and his teacher’s training in the Faculty of Education of Queen’s University, and began his teaching career in a rural pioneer school in the province of Alberta in 1909. Being a man of vision he soon migrated to Saskatchewan where he continued his profession. A few years later he registered as a student in the College of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan, and graduated in 1922 with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. He served as instructor in science and agriculture in Nutana Collegiate, Saskatoon, for three years, as instructor in science and agriculture in the Provincial Normal School at Saskatoon for eight years, as Director of rural education, Department of Education, Regina, for five years, and as superintendent of schools in the Lloydninster area for thirteen years. In 1947 he retired from active educational work owing to ill health, and settled on a farm within a stone’s throw of his birthplace, there to continue his horticultural activities and to develop further his interest in plant improvement.
Though retired he spent the summers of 1948 and 1949 making a survey the horticultural an agricultural potential of the Churchill river basin in northern Saskatchewan for the provincial government.
In 1943 he became the Prairie Gardener of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, using a professional voice at Winnipeg. Since that time he has written more than 60 scripts for garden broadcasts. This position he still holds.
In l953 his program was given a first award at the 17th American Exhibition of Radio-Television Educational Programs, at Columbus, Ohio.
He has assisted in raising a family of five, two of whom are graduates of this university.
Mr. Brown has taken an active interest in horticultural organizations at different levels, in church work, and in Rotary.
He played an active role in the construction of a Modern type public school curriculum for this province, in the promotion of larger school units, in the provision of increased supervision of rural schools, in the provision of better school libraries, and in school grounds improvement.
He has been an exponent of the citizenship value of gardening aid has never missed an opportunity to implant his ideas relative to this philosophy in the minds of the people of the prairie provinces. Throughout his career he has been an active, practical horticulturist, demonstrating the value of gardening in cementing family ties, in making the home more attractive, and in uplifting the community. As a teacher he advocated the use of means of stimulating interest in gardening in school children and in the parents through the children. He inspired teachers and teachers-in-training with a zeal to use gardening as a means of building character aid of developing a better way of life. Through his radio talks ho has interested thousands in the importance of gardening as an instrument that establishes better home environments, that creates friendlier neighborhoods, aid that builds sounder aid bettor citizenship.
A humble man he is who has done much for his fellow men and who gives all the credit for his achievements to his wife.
Eminent Chancellor, on behalf of the Senate of this University, I ask you to confer on Mr. Brown the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.
Degree received: Doctor of Laws
Degree presented by: C.F. Patterson, Head of Horticulture

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