World War II and the University of Saskatchewan - COTC service records

Please note: This information about students and alumni who served during World War II was transcribed from cards in the records of the University of Saskatchewan Contingent of the Canadian Officers Training Corps (COTC). The information has not been checked against other sources, so it is possible that there are inaccuracies and/or missing names.

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Name College Degrees/Certificates Notes
Abbott, Arthur Engin    
Abram, A.F. Law LLB 1942  
Acorn, I.M. Arts, Comm BA 1941  
Adams, Arthur Comm    
Adams, J.      
Adams, L.F. Arts    
Adilman, B.M Arts    
Agnew, Arthur Engin BE 1940  
Agnew, W.V. Arts BA 1924  
Aitcheson, G.H. Arts    
Aitchison, J.H. Arts, Educ BA 1928, certificate Educ 1929  
Akehurst, A.J. Engin BE 1937  
Akehurst, E.L. Engin BE 1941  
Alexander, Frederick Law LLB 1929  
Alexander, J.L. Arts, Educ BA 1934, BEd 1939  
Alexander, Lawrence Arts BA 1921  
Alexander, Margaret Arts, Med BSc 1937, certificate Med 1938 married name Gentles
Allan, George Arts BSc 1939  
Allan, Robert Arts BA 1940  
Alldred, P.M. Agro    
Allen, Elmer Engin    
Allen, R.B. Engin, Arts BSc 1936  
Amy, H.T. Engin    
Anderson, A.L. Arts BA 1917  
Anderson, Beatrice Home Ec BHSc 1931  
Anderson, Bruce Engin BE 1932  
Anderson, C.G. Agro    
Anderson, D. Tracey Agro BSA 1943  
Anderson, Erling Arts BSc 1932, MSc 1934  
Anderson, F. Arts    
Anderson, George   BSc 1928  
Anderson, H.      
Anderson, H.J. Arts, Med BSc 1928  
Anderson, J.A. Agro AA 1931  
Anderson, J.T.      
Anderson, L.J. Agro BSc 1942  
Anderson, O.M. Agro BSA 1939, MSc 1941  
Anderson, R.      
Andrews, C.H. Arts BA 1919  
Androcowics, R.M. Agro BSA 1943  
Anstenson, O.H.      
Appleby, A.J. Agro, Arts BA 1941  
Appleby, S.V. Arts BA 1940  
Archer, A.J.      
Archibald, D.M. Engin    
Archibald, John Arts, Comm BAcc 1938  
Archibald, Raymond Arts, Law BA 1940, LLB 1942  
Argue, Olive Home Ec BHSc 1932 ? Mrs. C.G. Wilson
Armbruster, E. Engin BE 1941  
Armit, J.C. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1934  
Armitage, G.C. Arts BA 1925  
Armour, E.D. Arts BA 1936  
Armstrong, Sybil Home Ec BHSc 1939  
Arn, E.H. Arts BSc 1935  
Arneson, S.C. Pharm certificate 1932  
Arnold, K. Comm    
Arnold, Leon      
Arscott, W. Hugh Arts    
Arthur, J.W. Engin    
Arthur, John Arts BA 1934  
Aseltine, M.G.A.      
Ashby, A.C.H. Arts BA 1936  
Asher, Ralph Arts    
Ashley, A.W.R. Arts - Emm    
Atkinson, N. Arts - Emm    
Atkinson, William Comm BAcc 1941  
Auckland, N.L.      
Auld, D.G. Engin    
Auld, F.M. Engin BE 1942  
Austen, T.R. Arts BMus 1936  
Austenson, Oliver Agro    
Avant, J.C. Comm BAcc 1941  
Avery, J.F.G. Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1935  
Ayers, Frank Engin BE 1943  
Ayers, H.D. Engin BE 1942  
Backstrom, Lawrence      
Bacon, Robert Engin    
Baden, J.      
Badenoch, D.C. Arts    
Badgeley, Jas. Arts, Engin    
Baerg, S. Arts BA 1940  
Baikie, J.E. Arts BA 1942  
Baillie, Wilfred Arts BA 1940  
Baker, A.D. Comm BAcc 1935  
Baker, C.E. Arts, Med BSc 1932, certificate Med 1932  
Baker, E. Comm BAcc 1927  
Baker, J.H. Arts BSc 1936  
Baker, Norman Comm    
Baker, W.H. Engin    
Balfour, Harold Arts    
Ball, Spencer Engin BE 1916  
Ball, W.H. Engin BE 1941  
Ballard, Harvey Agro BSA 1933  
Balmer, P. Arts    
Banks, Chas. Engin    
Banner, B.W. Arts BA 1940  
Banting, Jas. Engin    
Barber, G.B. Engin BE 1940  
Barber, O.B. Engin BE 1937  
Barclay, John Arts BA 1935  
Barker, J.D.      
Barkwell, Elizabeth Law    
Barkwell, John Agro    
Barlow, E.L. Agro AA 1941  
Barnett, George Arts    
Baron, Stephen Comm    
Barr, Donald Bruce Arts    
Barr, Donald M. Agro    
Barr, R.M. Arts, Law LLB 1932  
Barrett, F.H. Engin    
Barrick, J.S. Engin    
Barry, Harvey Arts    
Barry, Mc. G.L. Arts    
Barsky, S. Comm    
Bartlett, Ralph Agro    
Bate, J.K. Comm, Engin    
Bates, E.E. Arts    
Bates, Harold Arts    
Bayes, J.M. Agro BSA 1942  
Bayne, K.N.      
Baynton, Harold Arts BA 1941  
Baynton, R.H. Pharm certificate 1942  
Beach, H.D. Agro    
Bearden, W.A. Arts, Med certificate Med 1934  
Beaton, Edwin Agro    
Beatty, W.T. Arts, Med BA 1940  
Beazely, A.E. Engin    
Bedford, C.F. Engin    
Bell, Cyril Arts    
Bell, Harvey Law LLB 1924  
Bell, J.N. Pharm certificate 1937  
Bellamy, John Comm    
Bellamy, R.P. Arts    
Bellis, Arthur Arts    
Bellis, J.W. Arts BSc 1936  
Bellward, K.H. Pharm certificate 1936  
Belton, Frederick Arts - Emm BA 1931  
Bence, Ed Arts, Law BA 1929, LLB 1933 Rhodes Scholar
Bennett, C.F. Arts BA 1923  
Bennett, S.Z. Arts BA 1922  
Benson, K.M. Arts, Educ BA 1932, BEd 1939, MA 1940  
Bentley, Kenneth Arts BA 1940  
Bentley, R.H. Pharm certificate 1936  
Berg, George Agro BSA 1939  
Berg, V.L. Arts BSc 1933, MSc 1936  
Berger, Saul Arts    
Berner, I.C.      
Berry, D.L. Arts    
Berry, Verne Arts, Engin BA 1943, BE 1943  
Bertrand, G.C. Engin    
Berven, J.L. Engin BE 1935  
Berwick, A.R. Engin    
Bestvater, Henry Arts BA 1938  
Bevan, Albert Comm BAcc 1939  
Bevan, Harold      
Bevan, Hugh Comm    
Bewley, H.B. Pharm certificate 1936  
Bibbey, R.O. Agro BSc 1934, MSc 1936  
Bidulka, Frank Arts    
Bie, Elizabeth Arts BA 1932  
Bie, J.D. Engin    
Bie, W.F. Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1936  
Bieber, Walter Arts BA 1943  
Bigelow, S.T. Law LLB 1924  
Billingsley, James Engin    
Bingham, A.T.      
Bird, Colin Agro AA 1940  
Bird, E.A.      
Bird, Robert      
Bird, Sidney Agro AA 1940  
Birnbaum, L. Arts    
Birney, W.J. Arts    
Bishop, Murray Arts, Med BA 1937, certificate Med 1939  
Bishop, W.F. Arts BSc 1928  
Bjerre, V.O.      
Black, James Arts    
Black, Lennox Arts BA 1922  
Black, W.W. Arts, Educ BSc 1937, BEd 1940  
Blackwood, T.A.      
Blahey, W.M. Arts, Agro BSA 1940  
Blair, A.C. Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1936  
Blair, Catherine Home Ec BHSc 1935  
Blair, Clayton Agro    
Blair, D.G. Arts, Law BA 1939, LLB 1941  
Blair, Gilbert Arts    
Blair, N.J. Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1935  
Blair, W.H. Arts    
Blake, Leonard Pharm certificate 1939  
Blake, R.W. Agro BSA 1934  
Blanchfield, J.G. Pharm certificate 1930  
Bleakley, S.B. Engin    
Blewett, J. Arts - Emm BA 1932  
Blue, A.C.      
Blue, Gordon      
Blundun, G.J. Engin, Arts BSc 1939  
Blyth, D.W. Comm    
Blyth, J.D.W. Comm B.Acc 1940  
Bobyn, E.J.A.      
Boechler, P.J. Arts, Law BA 1923,. LLB 1926  
Boettger, Robert Arts    
Bolstad, Hubert      
Bond, D.F.      
Bond, John Agro BSA 1943  
Bone, John Arts    
Borland, K. Med    
Borrowman, Roy Arts    
Boshuk, Victor Engin    
Bottomley, H.W. Arts, Med BA 1938, certificate Med 1940  
Bouie, H Engin    
Boulter, Aylmer      
Bourgeault, G.E. Pharm certificate 1937  
Bouteillier, R.S. Arts    
Bowering, A.J. Educ certificate Ed 1934, B.Ed 1939  
Bowes, B.J. Arts BA 1942  
Bowie, Marion Arts, Law BA 1937, LLB 1940 married name Grayson-Bell
Bowker, H.A. Arts, Med BSc 1933, certificate Med 1933  
Bowman, B.L.      
Bowman, D.A. Arts    
Bowman, E.W. Engin BE 1940  
Bowman, G.D. Arts    
Boyd, A.R.J. Arts, Med BA 1926  
Boyd, Harold   BSc 1932  
Boyle, D.A. Arts BA 1933  
Boyle, J.M. Comm B.Acc 1942  
Boyle, Thomas Arts, Engin    
Braaten, R.W. Agro    
Brachman, E.F.      
Bradbrooke, G.F. Comm    
Braden, Jack Arts, Law BA 1934, LLB 1936  
Bradley, C.J.      
Bradley, G.C. Arts    
Bradley, Helen   BSN 1943  
Bradley, L.O. Arts    
Brady, J.G. Engin BE 1941  
Braithwaite, J.C. Engin, Agro    
Brand, I.C. Engin    
Brennan, Michael Engin    
Brennan, William Educ B.Ed 1931  
Brent, G.H. Arts, Comm, Educ B.Acc 1939, certificate Ed 1940  
Breslin, W.J.      
Brice, W.D. Agro BSA 1940  
Bridgman, A.G. Engin BE 1941  
Bridgwater, A.W.R. Engin BE 1935  
Bright, Gerald Comm    
Brochu, A.J. Arts    
Brock, R.A.      
Bromstrom, K.A. Arts    
Brooke, H.H.W. Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1936  
Brooke, Margaret Home Ec BHSc 1935  
Brooker, H.E. Arts BA 1934  
Brooks, E.W. Engin   formerly Brokovski
Brookson, R. Arts BA 1929, LLB 1933  
Broughton, F.W. Engin    
Brown, A.G. Engin    
Brown, C.J. Arts - Emm BA 1936  
Brown, David Arts - Regina    
Brown, G.B. Pharm certificate 1935  
Brown, G.M. Arts    
Brown, Harold Engin BE 1938  
Brown, Helen Arts, Phys Ed BA 1933, certificate Phys Ed 1934  
Brown, J.E. Engin BE 1924  
Brown, J.F.      
Brown, John Arts    
Brown, K.W. Arts, Educ, Engin BSc 1936, certificate Educ 1940  
Brown, R.E.      
Brown, Robert      
Brown, Sid Agro    
Brown, W.G. Law LLB 1927  
Brown, W.H. Arts BA 1921  
Brown, William Arts    
Brown, William Arts    
Browne, R.D. Pharm    
Browning, John Arts BA 1939  
Brunelle, R.E. Comm B.Acc 1942  
Bruton, P.J. Engin    
Bryans, J.G. Engin BE 1929  
Bryce, Arthur Agro    
Bryce, C.H. Arts BSc 1931  
Bryce, G.E. Agro BSA 1931  
Bryce, Ronald Engin BE 1942  
Buchan, E. Engin    
Buck, Geoffrey Arts BSc 1928  
Buck, L.W.     Mrs.
Buckley, K.A.H. Arts BA 1943  
Buckwold, S.C. Engin, Comm    
Buglass, E. Agro BSA 1938  
Bull, Robert Engin BE 1943  
Buller, J.H. Arts    
Bulmer, H.D.      
Bulmer, W.H. Arts    
Bunn, C.H.      
Burden, G.M. Engin    
Burianyk, W. Arts    
Burke, D.      
Burns, O.G. Arts, Educ BSc 1937  
Burwash, Gwen Home Ec BHSc 1938  
Busby, William Engin BE 1943  
Busche, G.M. Arts BA 1939  
Busche, R.H. Comm B.Acc 1942  
Butler, V.A. Agro    
Byam, Jean Home Ec    
Byam, Louise Arts    
Byers, J.C. Comm B.Acc 1936  
Byers, James Comm    
Caldwell, A.L.   ad eundem  
Calnek, J.M. Arts BA 1938  
Calvert, J.M.      
Cameron, Allan Engin BE 1943  
Cameron, D.J. Engin    
Cameron, D.R. Arts BSc 1927, MSc 1928  
Cameron, Douglas Arts, Med BSc 1937, certificate Med 1937  
Cameron, G.L.   ad eundem  
Cameron, H. Arts BSc 1937  
Cameron, Ian      
Cameron, J.A. Agro    
Cameron, Margaret Home Ec BHSc 1939  
Cameron, Margaret Pharm certificate 1937  
Cameron, R. Bruce Arts    
Cameron, William MacLeod     veteran of WWI as well?
Cameron, William Malcolm Engin    
Campbell, A.D. Arts certificate Med 1935  
Campbell, A.K.      
Campbell, Agnes Home Ec    
Campbell, Alexander Arts - Regina    
Campbell, Archibald Agro BSA 1935  
Campbell, E.M. Agro BSA 1940  
Campbell, E.O. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1934  
Campbell, G.M. Comm B.Acc 1940  
Campbell, J.D. Arts, Agro BSA 1941  
Campbell, J.M. Arts, Med BA 1929, certificate Med 1931  
Campbell, Robert Arts - Regina    
Campbell, W.F. Arts, Comm    
Cannon, K. Engin    
Cantelon, Reginald Arts BA 1939  
Cantlon, Rowena Arts   Mrs. James Foster
Caplan, J. Engin    
Carefoot, G.L. Arts BA 1940  
Carefoot, H.R. Engin BE 1929  
Carlson, L.I.      
Carmichael, Jas. Arts BA 1938  
Carnine, G.L. Engin    
Carpenter, E.C. Engin    
Carpenter, E.S. Engin BE 1929  
Carpenter, J.R. Arts BA 1931  
Carr, R.L. Agro    
Carroll, Arthur Engin BE 1939  
Carroll, D.      
Carroll, James Comm    
Carruthers, James Arts    
Carson, F.G.      
Carson, Francis Engin    
Carson, H.B.      
Carson, Joseph      
Carson, M.J. Arts - St. A's BA 1938  
Carter, W.A. Arts, Med BSc 1937, certifiate Med 1939  
Casey, J.J. Comm    
Cashmore, Kenneth      
Casswell, F.R. Pharm certificate 1938  
Caswell, Robert Comm    
Cates, Victor Comm B.Acc 1943  
Cattanach, A.A. Law LLB 1932  
Caverly, J.A. Engin BE 1941  
Cawley, H.R. Engin BE 1938  
Chamard, J. Arts    
Chambers, G. Med    
Chambers, William Arts    
Chamney, B.M Agro    
Chamney, T.P. Arts    
Champlin, Maurine Home Ec BHSc 1936 Mrs. G.H. Wood
Chaplin, Robert      
Chapman, D.G. Arts BA 1938  
Chapman, Harold Agro BSA 1943  
Chard, Albert Engin BE 1935  
Charko, Zonnie Arts    
Charlebois, Joseph      
Charnetski, J. Engin, Agro BE 1935, BSA 1938, MSc 1940  
Chater, E.A. Comm B.Acc 1940  
Chater, L.H.      
Cheriton, William Engin BE 1943  
Cherry, D.R. Arts BA 1940  
Cherry, R.L.      
Chertkow, I.G. Comm B.Acc 1934  
Chesney, J.L. Engin BE 1942  
Child, Frank Arts BA 1931  
Chipperfield, Lawrence      
Chivers, Norman Arts, Med BA 1938, certificate Med 1938  
Chomyn, M.W.      
Chown, F.R. Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1938  
Christensen, R.J. Agro    
Christie, J.H.      
Christopher, Ivan Arts BSc 1938  
Christopherson, E.F. Arts, Med BSc 1933, certificate 1930?  
Chrysler, Cameron Engin    
Church, J.M. Agro AA 1940  
Clancy, G.D. Engin    
Clare, F.B.L. Engin, Arts BSc 1940  
Clare, Harvey Agro BSA 1938  
Clare, J.P. Arts, Agro    
Clark, Alvin Engin BE 1940  
Clark, Donald Engin    
Clark, G.D. Arts BA 1937  
Clark, Jessie Home Ec BHSc 1937  
Clark, Luther Arts    
Clark, R.J. Engin    
Clark, Ralph      
Clark, S. Arts BA 1932  
Clark, S.F. Engin BE 1933  
Clark, Samuel Arts    
Clark, William Arts    
Clarke, F.N. Arts BA 1938  
Clarke, G.W.      
Clarke, J.W. Agro    
Clarke, June Home Ec BHSc 1941  
Clarke, W.F. Arts BA 1942  
Clarke, Waldo Arts    
Clarke, William Comm B.Acc 1943  
Clausen, Joseph Agro    
Clayton, A.J. Engin    
Clements, A.O. Arts BA 1929  
Clements, Wilfred Arts, Educ BSc 1934, certificate Ed 1935  
Clemes, T.W. Engin    
Clerc, J.C.      
Clerkson, C.G.      
Clift, F.A. Arts    
Cline, P.J. Agro AA 1941  
Cline, W.R. Agro    
Cloake, G.W. Engin    
Close, R.D. Arts    
Cluff, Joseph      
Clyde, N.M. Pharm certificate 1938  
Coad, Howard Pharm    
Coates, C.L. Arts, Educ BSc 1939, B.Ed 1940  
Codd, Percy Arts, Engin BE 1939  
Coggins, John Arts    
Coghlan, Robert Engin BE 1943  
Cohen, Aaron Engin BE 1943  
Cohen, J.J. Engin    
Cole, E.J.      
Cole, H.P. Arts, Engin BSc 1929, BE 1930  
Coles, Lilian Home Ec BHSc 1933  
Collier, Elizabeth Arts BA 1940  
Collins, R.L. Engin BE 1944 ?  
Collins, William Agro AA 1930, BSA 1936  
Collison, H.J. Engin BE 1931  
Colter, Harold Arts    
Colvin, R.J.T. Pharm certificate 1939  
Conchie, J.M.      
Conley, R. Engin    
Conlin, R.H. Arts, Comm BA 1938, B.Acc 1940  
Conn, R.S. Arts BSc 1922  
Connell, Anthea Arts    
Connor, Maurice Arts, Educ BSc 1931, certificate Educ 1932  
Constantine, John Arts, Comm    
Cooil, T.R. Engin BE 1926  
Cook, C.A. Engin, Educ BE 1933, certificate Educ 1934  
Cook, J.E. Engin BE 1941  
Cook, J.V. Arts    
Cooke, Bradford Arts BA 1916  
Cooke, L.L.K. Agro    
Cooke, M.S. Agro BSA 1931  
Cooke, Robert Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1936  
Cooke, T.      
Coolican, Len Agro    
Coolidge, Oliver Arts BSc 1932  
Coombes, A.C. Arts, Med BA 1938, certificate Med 1939  
Coons, G.M. Agro    
Cooper, A.H. Arts    
Cooper, G.A. Arts    
Cooper, J. Gordon Law LLB 1931  
Copeland, R.A.      
Copeland, R.W. Engin, Comm    
Corston, J.B.   ad eundem  
Costain, C.C. Arts BA 1941  
Costley, Lloyd Arts    
Couldwell, G.E. Comm    
Coulter, A.R.      
Covey, D.E. Arts, Engin BSc 1935, BE 1937  
Cowan, James Engin    
Cowan, Ronald Arts BSc 1933  
Cowie, D.M. Arts, Ed BSc 1937, certificate Ed. 1937  
Craik, James Arts BA 1940  
Cram, H. Engin    
Cram, J.N. Engin, Arts BSc 1935  
Cram, N.K. Arts BA 1941  
Cram, R.W. Arts, Med BA 1940, certificate Med 1940  
Crawford, Geo Arts    
Crawford, J.      
Crawford, Kenneth Arts, Law BA 1914, LLB 1916  
Creed, D.R. Arts BSc 1928  
Creed, Donald Arts BA 1937  
Creighton, L.F. Arts, Engin BA 1925, BE 1933  
Crerer, Cyril Pharm certificate 1932  
Crichton, C.A. Arts    
Cripps, W.A. Comm B.Acc 1930  
Croll, D. Arts    
Cronin, J.B. Engin    
Crosby, C.H. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1934  
Cross, F.J. Arts, Law BA 1929, LLB 1932  
Crossley, A.J.      
Crossley, A.W. Engin    
Crossman, L.G. Arts, Educ BA 1938, B.Ed 1941  
Crouteau, F.L. Engin, Arts BSc 1936  
Crow, Stanley Arts BA 1932  
Croydon, R.B. Arts    
Cruickshanks, R.A. Arts, Law BA 1935, LLB 1938  
Crull, E.T. Arts BSc 1939  
Cruse, Gordon Engin    
Crutchlow, L.G. Engin    
Cuelenaere, M. Arts, Law BA 1934, LLB 1933  
Cuelenaere, M.C. Arts, Law    
Cullen, D.M. Pharm certificate 1939  
Cullen, H.A. Engin    
Cullinane, E.A.      
Culliton, E.M. Arts, Law BA 1926, LLB 1928  
Cummine, W.S.      
Cumming, C.W.   ad eundem  
Cumming, J.D.A. Arts BA 1941  
Cunningham, Clayton Arts    
Cunningham, F.J.      
Curran, A.      
Currie, Roy Arts - Emm    
Curril, A.T.      
Curry, Robert Arts    
Cushon, Alan Agro    
Cuthbert, Chas. Comm B.Acc 1943  
Dahlstrom, Alton Law LLB 1929  
Daily, T.R. Arts    
Dale, M.R. Arts BA 1938  
Dale, W.F. Agro    
Daly, James Arts - Regina    
Dantzer, V.M. Engin    
David, H.N. Arts BA 1940  
Davidner, D.H. Agro    
Davidson, R.J. Educ certificate 1929  
Davies, A.J.M. Arts, Med BA 1939, certificate Med 1939  
Davies, Allan Arts BA 1934  
Davies, Marion      
Davison, J.B. Pharm certificate 1938  
Dawe, J.F. Arts, Educ BSc 1934, B.Ed 1937  
Dawson, H.A. Pharm certificate 1938, BSP 1940  
Day, J.W.      
Day, R.J. Pharm    
De Faye, T. Comm B.Acc 1938  
Deis, P.S. Law LLB 1928  
DeLorme, E. Pharm certificate 1922  
Dempster, G.H. Engin, Arts BE 1932, MSc 1934  
Dempster, H. Arts, Engin BE 1932, MSc 1934  
Dennis, R.E. Agro    
Derby, Henry Arts, Educ BSc 1933, B.Ed 1940  
Dereniuk, H. Arts    
DeRoche, H.W.   LLB 1932 ?  
Dethridge, Stanley Engin    
Deutscher, R. Arts    
Devine, A.D. Pharm certificate 1920  
Devine, J.W. Agro BSA 1925  
Devitt, Lawrence Arts, Comm B.Acc 1943  
Devitt, William Arts    
Dewar, F.I. Engin    
Dewar, S.W. Arts BA 1941  
Dexter, Anna Home Ec BHSc 1938 Mrs. J.B. Lowe
Deyell, D. Keith Arts    
Dickey, M.R. Arts, Med BSc 1931, certificate Med 1931  
Dickin, H.J.E.   BA 1943  
Dickin, L.L. Arts BA 1940  
Dickison, J. Arts BA 1942  
Dickson, Gregory Arts    
Dickson, H.E. Arts, Med BA 1940, certificate Med 1940  
Dickson, L.L.      
Diditch, Stephen Arts    
Diefenbaker, E.C. Arts, Educ    
Diggle, W.M. Engin BE 1940  
Dill, R.M. Arts, Comm BA 1934, B.Acc 1940  
Dillman, Elmer Arts    
Dinison, Gordon Engin    
Dipple, Olive Arts    
Dob, M.R.      
Dobson, R.H. Arts    
Dodds, Murray Engin    
Dodge, O.G. Agro BSA 1939  
Dohan, M.J.T. Arts BSc 1936  
Doherty, W.G. Arts, Law BA 1939, LLB 1941  
Doig, J.V. Engin, Agro    
Dolan, Rex Arts BA 1941  
Dolan, Ronald Arts    
Donald, R.R. Engin BE 1930  
Donkin, F. Arts BA 1934  
Donnell, Marg Arts, Med BA 1933, certificate Med 1934  
Donnelly, T.E. Comm    
Dougall, Allan Engin BE 1941  
Dougall, Robert Comm B.Acc 1941  
Douglas, A.H. Engin BE 1931  
Douglas, C.R. Engin, Arts BSc 1934, MSc 1939  
Douglas, Donald Arts BA 1938, MA 1940  
Douglas, J.M. Engin BE 1940  
Dow, Herbert Agro    
Dowler, Norman Engin    
Downing, C.G.E. Agro, Engin BE 1940  
Drake, E. Engin    
Drake, James Arts    
Driedger, C.J. Arts, Comm BA 1940, B.Acc 1941  
Drimmie, G.R. Arts    
Drinkle, H.M. Engin BE 1925  
Drynan, Mary Arts BA 1936  
Dubyk, M.H. Engin    
Duncan, F.R.      
Dundas, K.B. Engin BE 1940  
Dundas, R.M.      
Dunlop, G.M. Arts BA 1921  
Dunlop, G.P. Arts, Engin BE 1935  
Dunlop, R.G. Arts BA 1929  
Dunn, D.W. Comm, Arts    
Dunn, H.M. Engin, Agro BSc 1940  
Dunn, Margaret Arts    
Dunnet, G. Arts BA 1941  
Durick, W.H. Arts BA 1940  
Durnford, R.C.H. Arts - Emm    
Durnin, E.J. Arts BA 1924  
Durrant, J.C. Arts - Regina    
Durrant, M.P. Engin    
Dutton, W.N. Engin    
Dyck, George Arts, Educ BA 1936, B.Ed 1941  
Dyck, Menzies Comm    
Dyck, R.E. Arts    
Dyer, E.M.      
Dyer, W.E. Engin    
Dykes, J.A. Agro    
Eagles, P.B. Engin    
Eaglesham, F.C. Arts BSc 1933  
Eamer, G.D. Arts    
Eamon, Gord Arts, Law LLB 1943  
Earl, W.H. Arts, Ed BSc 1933, certificate Ed. 1934  
Eason, J.R. Engin    
East, S.B. Arts BA 1933  
East, W.H.S. Arts, Med BSc 1938, certificate Med 1938  
Eastman, Harry Arts    
Ebbels, W.D. Comm    
Eddy, W.L. Arts BA 1937  
Edgar, Joseph Arts    
Edie, H.P. Arts    
Edwards, John Engin BE 1941  
Edworthy, Murray Arts    
Egnatoff, Michael Arts, Engin    
Einarson, H.B. Agro    
Einarson, W.J. Agro    
Elder, A.M. Arts    
Elder, W.G. Law    
Elliott, A.J. Arts BA 1941  
Elliott, Donald      
Elliott, E.B. Engin    
Elliott, E.L. Law LLB 1922  
Elliott, Howard Arts, Agro    
Ellis, C.D. Arts    
Ellis, J.W. Engin    
Ellis, R.A. Pharm certificate 1938  
Ellis, T.E. Pharm    
Ellison, A.C.      
Elsey, W.R.      
Elviss, W.C. Pharm    
Embury, A.W. Law LLB 1931  
Enderud, H.K. Pharm    
English, J.J.      
English, J.M. Engin    
English, W.J. Arts, Engin BSc 1937, BE 1941  
English, Walter Engin    
Epstein, K. Arts    
Eremko, J. Arts, Law BA 1938, LLB 1940  
Erwin, John Educ    
Estey, C.L.B. Arts, Law BA 1938, LLB 1940  
Estey, W.Z. Arts, Law BA 1940, LLB 1943  
Evans, K.G. Engin BE 1941  
Ewart, E.G. Pharm certificate 1928  
Ewas, Michael Engin    
Ewen, A.H.   ad eundem  
Ewen, B. Agro    
Ewert, W.F. Agro BSA 1939, MSc 1941