World War II and the University of Saskatchewan - COTC service records

Please note: This information about students and alumni who served during World War II was transcribed from cards in the records of the University of Saskatchewan Contingent of the Canadian Officers Training Corps (COTC). The information has not been checked against other sources, so it is possible that there are inaccuracies and/or missing names.

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Name College Degrees/Certificates Notes
Kallio, W.      
Kanee, S. Law LLB 1932  
Kanten, H.V. Comm    
Kargut, G.H. Comm B.Acc 1942  
Kaumeyer, G.E. Engin    
Keam, Edwin Arts BA 1939  
Keay, J. Agro BSA 1931  
Keddy, S. Arts BA 1940  
Keeler, Russell Engin BE 1941  
Keith, David Engin    
Keith, David Melvin Arts, Law BA 1936, LLB 1938  
Keith, J.W. Arts BA 1941  
Kelly, H.C.E. Comm B.Acc 1942  
Kemp, N.M. Comm B.Acc 1944 ?  
Kempton, Maurice Arts    
Kendall, H.B. Engin    
Kendry, J.L. Engin    
Kennedy, E. Margaret Home Ec BHSc 1936  
Kennedy, Garfield Arts    
Kennedy, Mary Arts BA 1930  
Kennedy, Thelma Arts, Educ BA 1939, certificate 1940  
Kennedy, Thos. Engin BE 1943 ?  
Kennedy, William Agro BSA 1943  
Kenny, B.D.      
Kerley, A.H. Engin    
Kernan, Frederick Agro BSA 1939  
Kerr, J.J. Arts [degree 1934 ?]  
Kesten, B. Ruth Home Ec, Educ BHSc 1940, certificate Educ 1941  
Keys, Chas. Agro    
Keyser, J.G. Agro    
Kidd, T.L. Engin    
Kilcoyne, R.J. Engin    
Killick, C.H. Agro BSA 1924  
King, Chas. Agro    
King, Herbert Engin BE 1940  
King, R.H. Arts, Law BA 1940  
Kinsley, R.J. Engin    
Kinsman, W.P.C. Arts, Educ BSc 1936, certificate Educ 1937  
Kirby, C.G. Engin BE 1936  
Kirby, C.L.      
Kirk, J.C. Arts BSc 1928  
Kirkpatrick, C.J. Comm B.Acc 1939  
Kirkpatrick, J.B. Arts, Educ BA 1929, B.Ed 1930, M.Ed 1935  
Klaehn, P.C. Arts BA 1931  
Klassen, H.P. Engin    
Klassen, H.W.      
Klassen, P.T. Arts    
Klemmer, Edward Arts, Engin BA 1939, BE 1941  
Kliman, N.C. Law LLB 1941  
Kling, Jack Comm    
Kling, S. Arts, Med BA 1940, certificate Med 1940  
Kliny, Jack      
Knetchel, R.W. Arts    
Knight, Priscilla Arts, Educ BA 1937, certificate Educ 1938  
Knight-Wilson, W.   ad eundem  
Knowles, D.B. Agro BSA 1938, MSc 1940  
Knowles, Paulden Agro BSA 1938, MSc 1940  
Knowles, Robert Agro BSA 1941, MSc 1943  
Knox, K.L. Engin BE 1942  
Konsmo, W.G. Agr    
Kornash, E.L. Arts    
Korven, K.M. Arts BA 1938, MA 1940  
Korven, Norman Arts, Educ, Agro BA 1938, BSA 1941  
Kosid, J.C. Arts BA 1941  
Koslo, P.      
Kosolofski, J.P.      
Kovach, L. Engin BE 1943 ?  
Kowalchuk, John Arts    
Koyl, Donald Arts    
Koyl, L.F. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med  
Kozak, J.J.      
Kraminsky, R.A.      
Krepiakevich, S. Pharm    
Kristjanson, A.M. Arts BA 1941, hon. Cert 1942  
Kristjanson, G. Arts, Educ BA 1939, certificate Educ 1940  
Kroeger, Ernest Arts    
Kuliak, John Engin    
Kunkel, John Agro    
Kusch, L.A. Agro BSA 1938  
Kusey, Emil Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1936  
Kutney, Nicholas Law LLB 1938  
Kwas, Michael Engin    
L'Heureux, L.J.J.      
Lacerte, R.J.      
Lacina, E.J. Arts    
Lafoy, V.A. Engin    
Lafreniere, J.F. Comm, Arts    
Lake, Bernard Arts BA 1937  
Lamb, James Arts    
Lamb, John Engin BE 1937  
Lamb, R.C. Agro BSA 1941  
Lambert, J.J.M. Arts BA 1940  
Lamberton, H.R. Arts, Educ BA 1934, B.Ed 1937  
Lancefield, Harold Engin BE 1939  
Landa, E. Arts    
Landa, S. Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1935  
Lang, R.T. Arts    
Langford, F.N. Pharm certificate 1931  
Langston, Reginald     special courses
Lanskail, D.A. Arts    
Lappa, V.L. Arts    
Larson, F. Engin, Comm    
Larson, R.B. Engin    
Larter, Delmar Engin, Arts BSc 1935  
Lat, H.,      
Latta, F.C. Agro BSA 1926  
Laurie, G.J. Engin    
Laut, Albin Engin BE 1938  
Lawrence, C.G.      
Lawson, J.B. Comm BAcc 1937  
Laycock, S.R.      
Layton, R.      
Leach, Tronson Engin BE 1938  
Leader, S.J. Pharm certificate 1936  
Leard, Archie Arts    
Leard, J.R. Arts BA 1940  
Learmonth, C.M. Arts BA 1936, certificate Med 1937  
Learmonth, William Arts BA 1937  
Leask, John Agro BSA 1936  
LeBlone, J.W.R. Arts    
Leddy, J.E. Arts, Med BA 1931, certificate Med 1934  
Lederman, W.R. Arts, Law BA 1937, LLB 1940  
Ledingham, Robert Agro BSA 1942  
Lee, E.H. Arts, Med BSc 193, certificate Med 1931  
Lee, George Arts, Law BSc 1935  
Leeper, J.F. Engin    
Lefurgey, A.W. Engin    
Lehrer, B. Comm    
Leightner, Winnifred Home Ec BHSc 1941  
Leighton, A.J.G. Engin BE 1942  
Leighton, R.J.R. Arts    
Leith, George Engin    
Lekness, C. Agro    
Lennox, R.A. Engin BE 1942  
Leroux, Fred Engin BE 1939  
Leroux, John Arts, Med BSc 1933, certificate Med 1933  
Lewis, G.G.W. Arts, Comm BA 1934  
Lewis, G.L.   MA 1929 ?  
Lewis, W.J. Pharm certificate 1928  
Light, E.      
Lindeburgh, A.B.      
Lindley, J.B. Agro    
Lindsay, Frank Engin    
Lindsay, L.D. Agro AA 1939  
Linkletter, Harold Law LLB 1930  
Little, A.L. Arts    
Little, D.C. Engin BE 1942  
Little, F.C. Law LLB 1915  
Lloyd, F.P. Arts BA 1914  
Lloyd, Jack Engin    
Lobb, Harold Arts    
Lock, Verna Comm B.Acc 1936 ?  
Lockwood, R.O. Engin BE 1942  
Loden, C.A.      
Lodge, Robert Agro    
Loeppky, Bernard Arts    
Lomow, J.G.      
Long, A.B. Comm    
Long, E.B. Comm    
Long, H.W. Arts    
Longworthy, W.H. Engin BE 1942  
Lonseth, P. Arts BA 1937  
Loppa, V.L. Arts    
Lorimer, Wesley Arts, Educ BA 1939, B.Ed 1939  
Loucks, George Engin BE 1943  
Loucks, W.W.      
Loughridge, J.L. Engin    
Love, Frederick Engin    
Love, J.V. Arts    
Loveridge, Robert Engin    
Lush, H.J. Comm    
Lusted, T.D. Engin    
Luxton, E.C. Arts    
Lynch, S.L.      
Mabye, H. Pharm certificate 1926 Mabee? Maybe?
MacAulay, E.M. Arts    
MacAulay, W.C. Pharm certificate 1933  
MacCoy, A.R. Pharm certificate 1936  
MacCoy, Gerald Engin BE 1942  
MacDonald, A.S.      
MacDonald, Jas. Engin    
MacDonald, John Comm B.Acc 1943  
MacDonald, K.J. Agro BSA 1939  
MacDonald, Lionel      
MacDonald, Norman Arts BSc 1935, MSc 1936  
MacDonald, Percy Arts    
Macdonald, R.H. Arts BA 1939  
MacDonald, Raymond Arts, Law BA 1936, LLB 1938  
MacDonald, S.A. Arts BSc 1936  
MacDonald, V.C. Engin    
MacDonald, W.H. Pharm certificate 1928  
Macey, Edith Home Ec BHSc 1940 ?  
MacFarlane, Islay Home Ec BHSc 1941  
MacGillivray, Angus Arts    
MacIntosh, J.A.T. Arts    
MacIntosh, Mary Arts BA 1938  
MacKay, William Engin    
MacKenzie, A.B. Arts, Educ BA 1928, certificate Educ 1929  
MacKenzie, D.J. Arts, Med BA 1938, certificate Med 1938  
MacKenzie, E.W. Agro BSA 1936  
MacKenzie, I.      
MacKenzie, Peter Arts BA 1941  
MacKinnon, L.J.      
MacLean, Donald Agro   ?
MacLean, Donald Creighton Arts BA 1936 ?
MacLennan, Ian Engin    
MacLeod, R.B. Engin    
MacNair, E.J.A. Engin    
MacNeil, Harold Arts    
MacPherson, A.R. Arts BA 1923  
Madden, John Law LLB 1927  
Maduke, B.I.      
Maggs, Henry Engin    
Maguire, Percy Arts, Law BA 1921, LLB 1924  
Maher, John Arts, Law BA 1939, LLB 1942  
Mahon, P.A. Arts, Law BA 1935, LLB 1936  
Mahoney, B.W. Engin    
Main, Hugh Arts BA 1935  
Mair, Chas. Arts BA 1929, MA 1930  
Malloy, D.M. Agro    
Malone, J.C.      
Malouf, S. Arts BSc 1934  
Mandel, J.B. Arts, Med BSc 1937, certificate Med 1937  
Mandin, Emile Law    
Mandin, J.A.      
Mang, L.H. Arts BA 1932 ?  
Manly, H.C. Arts BA 1926  
Mann, L.E. Comm B.Acc 1939  
Mann, W.C. Comm B.Acc 1941  
Mantle, John Engin BE 1941  
Mapes, N.W.      
Marcoux, D.R.      
Markland, George Engin    
Marlow, Jas. Engin BE 1943  
Marr, Lavergne Arts    
Marriott, E.L. Arts BA 1936  
Marsh, P.R. Engin    
Marshall, J.E. Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1939  
Marshall, Jack Engin    
Martin, E.W. Engin    
Martin, F.J.E. Engin BE 1928  
Martin, R.D. Engin    
Mason, L.V.      
Mather, John Engin BE 1943  
Mathers, R.J. Arts BA 1937  
Matthews, D.H. Arts BA 1941  
Matthews, L.S. Agro MSc 1938  
Matthews, R.J.      
Maxwell, J.G.      
Maycock, Madge Home Ec BHSc 1938 Mrs. W.F. Griffiths
McAdam, W.J. Engin BE 1932  
McAllister, John Comm    
McAra, P.G. Engin BE 1929  
McArthur, I.S. Agro BSA 1932, MSc 1934  
McBain, S. Agro    
McBean, D.D. Pharm certificate 1938  
McBean, D.S. Agro BSA 1938  
McBean, W.M. Pharm    
McBride, W.C.      
McBrien, George Arts    
McBurney, Harry Engin    
McBurney, R.E. Engin    
McCallum, A. Arts, Educ BSc 1930, B.Ed 1935  
McCallum, G.N. Arts, Law BA 1933, LLB 1935  
McCallum, P.E. Agro    
McCann, Jas. Engin BE 1943  
McCarthy, Patricia Arts    
McCay, George Engin    
McClaskey, A.C. Arts, Law BA 1925, LLB 1928  
McClellan, S.C. Engin BE 1936  
McClelland, J.E. Agro BSA 1939  
McClelland, Margaret Home Ec, Educ BHSc 1937, certificate Educ 1941  
McClocklin, C.R. Law LLB 1928  
McCloy, T.R. Arts BA 1937  
McClure, W.G. Arts, Med BA 1938, certificate Med 1938  
McCombs, R.B.F. Arts BSc 1935  
McConechy, C.J. Engin    
McConnachie, T. Arts, Med BSc 1937, certificate Med 1937  
McConnell, B.J. Arts    
McConnell, F.L. Arts, Med BA 1939, certificate in Med 1939  
McConnell, L.G.W.      
McCorkindale, Margaret Comm    
McCorkle, Robert Arts, Comm B.Acc 1937  
McCormack, J.E. Law LLB 1938  
McCorriston, James Arts BA 1939  
McCoy, S.G. Engin    
McCrary, J.W.      
McCreary, Orville Arts BSc 1938  
McCuaig, Russel Comm BAcc 1932  
McCullagh, J.K.      
McCune, C.H. Agro    
McCurdy, K.B.      
McCusker, Wilfred Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1935  
McCutcheon, A. Pharm certificate 1932  
McCutcheon, W.C. Arts BA 1940  
McDermid, E.S. Engin    
McDermid, J.E. Law    
McDonald, B.K. Agro    
McDonald, George Engin    
McDonald, Jas. Arts    
McDonald, Margaret Home Ec    
McDonald, R.P. Engin    
McDonald, Thomas Engin    
McDonald, William      
McDougall, D.F. Agro AA 1942  
McDougall, G.H. Arts BSc 1938  
McDougall, J.W. Arts BA 1937  
McElroy, James Arts BA 1940  
McElroy, James Comm B.Acc 1941  
McEwen, Marion Home Ec BHSc 1937 Mrs. R. Wismer
McFarland, S.G. Arts, Educ BA 1940  
McFarlane, J.A. Arts BA 1916  
McFarlane, L.J. Agro    
McFetridge, James Grant Arts    
McFetridge, James Strange Engin    
McGillivray, Alexander Arts    
McGillivray, C.A. Engin    
McGillivray, John Arts BSc 1932  
McGillivray, Ronald Arts, Law BA 1936, LLB 1940  
McGonvey, F.      
McGowan, E.A. Engin    
McGrath, Arnold Arts BSc 1932  
McGregor, Norval Arts    
McGurran, H.D. Arts BA 1941  
McGurran, J.W. Pharm    
McGurran, L.V.      
McIlveen, L.R. Engin    
McIntosh, J.R. Arts, Educ BA 1931, B.Ed 1932, M.Ed 1939  
McIntosh, R.J. Agro AA 1930  
McIntyre, D.M. Arts BA 1940  
McIntyre, D.W. Arts    
McIntyre, W.R. Arts, Law BA 1939  
McIver, M.J.S. Arts, Educ certificate Educ 1935, B.Ed 1938  
McIver, R.N. Agro BSA 1942  
McIvor, R.A.      
McKay, A.S. Arts BA 1939, honors cert 1940, MA 1942  
McKay, Douglas Arts BSc 1937, honors cert 1939  
McKay, J.W. Engin BE 1944 ?  
McKay, Jean Arts BA 1938 Mrs. Charles Robinson
McKay, Marvin Arts    
McKay, Norma Arts BA 1943 ?  
McKechnie, J.R.A. Arts BA 1936  
McKenzie, M.G. Music B.Mus 1937  
McKinnon, H.A. Arts, Educ BA 1938, B.Ed 1940  
McKinnon, S.D. Arts, Engin    
McLarty, Archibald Engin    
McLarty, John Comm B.Acc 1943 ?  
McLean, D.C. Arts BA 1936  
McLean, F.J. Arts, Med BSc 1933, certificate Med 1934  
McLean, J.A. Arts, Law BA 1931, LLB 1933  
McLean, J.L. Agro    
McLeay, Mary Arts, Med BA 1929, certificate Med 1931 Mrs. J.N. Palmer
McLeod, D. Agro    
McLeod, D.M. Arts BA 1942  
McLeod, G. Engin    
McLeod, G.C. Engin BE 1943  
McLeod, J. Norman Engin    
McLeod, James Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1935  
McLeod, Maurice Arts    
McLeod, Neil Agro    
McLeod, Norman Arts BA 1940  
McLeod, Thomas Agro BSA 1937  
McLeod, William Agro BSA 1923  
McMahon, Harold Agro BSA 1933, MSc 1940  
McMahon, John Engin    
McMahon, Ray Engin    
McMath, Norman Arts BA 1940  
McMeans, P.W. Law LLB 1931  
McMurchy, E.D. Arts    
McMurdo, E.L. Pharm BSP 1932  
McMurtry, J.N. Arts, Agro    
McMurtry, T.S.G. Arts, Med BA 1938, certificate Med 1938  
McNab, A.E. Engin BE 1931  
McNab, John Arts, Med BSc 1932, certificate Med 1932  
McNally, R.J.B.      
McNally, Reginald Arts, Engin BE 1942  
McNeel, R.W.      
McNeil, F.H. Arts    
McNeill, F.T. Engin, Pharm    
McNeill, O.J. Pharm certificate 1937  
McNelly, George Arts, Educ BA 1932, certificate Educ 1937  
McNinch, J.W. Engin    
McOrmond, C.R. Engin    
McOrmond, Gordon Arts BA 1942  
McPhadden, K.A. Agro    
McPhail, Hugh Agro BSA 1942  
McPhail, J.E.B. Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1936  
McPherson, D.      
McPherson, M.A. Law LLB 1938  
McPherson, William Engin BE 1940  
McQuarrie, J.H. Law LLB 1934  
McQueen, J.A. Agro, Law    
McQueen, Robert Law    
McRae, Allan Arts BA 1940  
McRae, E.A. Arts, Educ BA 1936, B.Ed 1941  
McRae, J.R.      
McRitchie, M. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1936  
McRoberts, J.W. Arts BA 1925  
McTavish, A.S. Arts, Ed BA 1937, BEd 1941  
McTavish, A.S. Arts BA 1937, B.Ed 1941  
McTavish, J.A. Engin BE 1941  
McVeigh, C.H. Engin    
McWilliam, Robert Arts BSc 1938  
Meadows, W.R. Engin BE 1925  
Meckling, G.W. Engin BE 1933  
Medland, S.L. Agro    
Megill, R.P. Arts BA 1939, B.Ed 1942  
Mehain, J.C. Comm B.Acc 1938  
Mekitiak, H.C.      
Melnychuk, Frederick Agro    
Melrose, Cameron Arts    
Melvin, T.E. Agro    
Mercer, George Engin BE 1941  
Mercer, William Engin BE 1940  
Merryweather, W.R. Agro BSA 1942  
Messum, Roy Agro    
Meth, B. Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1936  
Michael, Hugh Arts, Engin, Agro BSA 1943  
Michasiu, O. Agro   name was Orest; changed to Ernest
Michell, Robert Engin BE 1932  
Michie, Norman Arts    
Michie, Theodore Arts, Law BA 1939  
Middlemiss, K.R. Arts BA 1940  
Middleton, R.J. Comm B.Acc 1941  
Mighton, H.V. Arts    
Mihm, G.F. Engin BE 1937  
Mikkelborg, Gordon Engin BE 1943  
Milavsky, D.S. Engin BE 1941  
Mildenberger, J.L.      
Miles, J.F. Arts    
Miley, J.P. Arts    
Miller, Craig Arts, Educ BA 1937, MA 1941, certificate Educ 1941  
Miller, E.M.      
Miller, Frank Agro BSA 1939  
Miller, Harry Agro BSA 1926  
Miller, Ian Engin    
Miller, J.G. Agro AA 1937, BSA 1942  
Miller, James Agro BSA 1938  
Miller, John Engin BE 1941  
Miller, Percy Arts, Comm B.Acc 1940  
Miller, Valerie Home Ec BHSc 1939 ?  
Millman, Robert Engin BE 1940 ?  
Mills, J.F.      
Millsap, W.J. Engin BE 1938  
Millson, H.R. Arts BA 1940  
Milne, D.J. Arts BA 1939, MA 1941  
Miner, R.N. Agro BSA 1942  
Miners, E.L. Engin BE 1936  
Minty, Gordon Engin BE 1941  
Mitchell, D.G. Engin, Comm    
Mitchell, H.C. Arts    
Mitchell, J.E. Arts    
Mitchell, James Agro BSA 1938  
Mitchell, K.A. Engin    
Mitchell, R.G. Arts    
Mitchell, Robert Arts    
Moar, R.G. Engin    
Moffat, A.T. Arts BA 1937  
Moffatt, M.H. Arts BA 1927 ?  
Moffatt, W.J. Agro    
Mollard, L.B. Engin    
Mollard, M. Claire Home Ec BHSc 1942  
Momczasz, M. Engin    
Monaghan, C.F.B. Arts    
Montgomery, F.A. Engin    
Montgomery, Mortimer Engin BE 1934  
Moon, R.J.      
Mooney, C.M. Arts BA 1940  
Moore, A.M. Arts BA 1939, MA 1941  
Moore, B. Arts, Law LLB 1937  
Moore, Donald Engin    
Moore, J.E. Arts BA 1937, MA 1939  
Moore, V.A. Engin    
Morecraft, W.T. Engin    
Morgan, F.J. Arts, Law BA 1938, LLB 1940  
Morgan, John Arts BSc 1937  
Morin, G.L. Law LLB 1935  
Morris, N.C. Comm    
Morrison, A.R. Arts BA 1937  
Morrison, D.R. Engin BE 1942  
Morrison, Ernest Arts BA 1933  
Morrison, Finlay Arts, Pharm certificate 1942  
Morrison, G.D. Arts BSc 1931  
Morrow, Harold Arts, Engin BSc 1937  
Mouly, G.J. Arts BA 1945  
Mowat, A.M. Arts MA 1935  
Mowat, S. Arts BA 1939  
Moyer, L.S. Arts, Comm BA 1936, B.Acc 1937  
Moynes, Jas. Arts, Comm BA 1935, B.Acc 1939  
Mudry, J. Arts, Educ BA 1938, certificate Educ 1939  
Mulcaster, R.G. Engin    
Mullins, Frederick Agro    
Mundell, D.W. Arts, Law BA 1933, LLB 1936  
Mungen, R. Arts BSc 1939, MSc 1940  
Munro, James Arts BA 1928  
Munro, W.B.      
Munroe, Donald Arts, Med BSc 1932, certificate Med 1933  
Munroe, F.C. Arts, Law BA 1937, LLB 1939  
Murphy, H.O.      
Murphy, J.R. Law    
Murphy, T.J.      
Murphy, William Engin    
Murray, G.T.      
Murray, George      
Murray, J.M.      
Murray, Marguerite Home Ec BHSc 1940 ?  
Murray, Robert Arts BA 1934  
Murray, Robert Engin    
Mutch, John Arts, Med BA 1939, certificate Med 1939  
Myers, William Comm B.Acc 1942  
Mysak, S. Agro BSA 1936, MSc 1939  
Nagle, Robert Arts    
Nanson, G.B. Arts    
Neatby, Alan Agro    
Neatby, L.H. Arts BA 1925, MA 1939  
Needham, Leonard Engin    
Neild, A. St. Clair Arts - Emm BA 1940  
Neilson, J.D. Agro BSA 1942  
Neilson, J.W. Arts BA 1939  
Nelan, J.J. Engin    
Nelles, J.S. Engin    
Nelms, V.C. Pharm    
Nelson, W.H. Arts, Law LLB 1927  
Ness, Olav Engin, Arts BA 1941  
Newell, Bruce Comm    
Newell, Edith Arts BA 1932  
Newell, L.A.      
Newman, M.M.      
Newton, Thomas Engin    
Nicholl, George Arts    
Nicholson, D.P.      
Nicholson, G.W.L. Arts BA 1928 ?  
Nicol, A.M. Arts, Law BSc 1935, LLB 1938  
Nicolson, John Arts    
Nieman, T.J. Comm, Law LLB 1938  
Norris, R.W. Arts BA 1939  
Nottingham, Stanley Engin    
Nowosad, August Arts, Law BA 1938, LLB 1940  
Nuttall, C.D. Pharm certificate 1941 ?  
Nutting, E.H. Pharm certificate 1932  
O'Connell, J.M. Arts, Law LLB 1939  
O'Hara, J.E.A. Engin    
Odegaard, W.J. Comm    
Ogden, L.W. Arts, Educ BSc 1929, B.Ed 1938  
Ogle, William Arts BA 1938  
Ogram, G.L. Agro    
Olafson, E.A. Engin BE 1942  
Oliver, A.      
Oliver, Gordon Engin, Arts BA 1940  
Oliver, J.W. Engin    
Oliver, R.E. Arts, Comm B.Acc 1941, BA 1942  
Oliver, S.L. Arts BA 1928  
Olsen, Orville Agro BSA 1941  
Olson, R.D. Arts BA 1942  
Olson, Rae Engin    
Onishenko, S.      
Orchard, C.B. Arts, Med BSc 1930, certificate Med 1932  
Orge, L.M. Arts BA 1936  
Ormiston, Alexander Engin BE 1941  
Ormiston, Russell Engin BE 1942  
Ormiston, W.D. Comm    
Orr, John Arts    
Orr, R.J. Engin    
Orr, W.R.      
Ostapovitch, Stephen Arts, Engin    
Osten, Max Law LLB 1935 ?  
Ostrovsky, M. Law LLB 1935  
Ottem, Milford Arts BA 1942 ?  
Otton, Catherine Arts, Phys Ed BA 1942, certificate PhysEd 1941