World War II and the University of Saskatchewan - COTC service records

Please note: This information about students and alumni who served during World War II was transcribed from cards in the records of the University of Saskatchewan Contingent of the Canadian Officers Training Corps (COTC). The information has not been checked against other sources, so it is possible that there are inaccuracies and/or missing names.

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Name College Degrees/Certificates Notes
Packota, John Arts BA 1943 ?  
Padget, R.E. Arts    
Padget, Robert Engin BE 1939  
Padmore, Howard Music B.Mus 1942  
Page, G.T. Arts BA 1940  
Page, W.T. Pharm certificate 1929  
Page, William Engin BE 1940  
Palmer, Frederick Engin BE 1943  
Palsson, Harold Arts BSc 1938  
Panton, J. Arts    
Park, R.J.G. Arts, Med BSc 1933, certificate Med 1933  
Parker, J.S. Engin BE 1938  
Parkinson, W.R. Agro BSA 1941  
Parkman, R.D. Agro    
Parks, E. Comm    
Parr, Wilfred Arts, Comm BA 1921, B.Acc 1924  
Parres, J.C. Engin, Arts BSc 1936  
Parris, L.      
Parrott, F.W. Arts    
Parrott, Marshall Engin    
Paton, R. Arts BA 1925  
Payne, A.C. Pharm certificate 1929  
Payne, G.W. Arts BA 1936  
Payton, R.H. Engin BE 1940  
Peacock, Herb Arts    
Pearson, Cecil Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1935  
Pedlar, F.G. Arts BSc 1940  
Peek, G.C. Arts BA 1940  
Pendlebury, E.L. Comm    
Penn, W.L. Engin BE 1944 ?  
Pepper, Alf Pharm certificate 1934  
Pepper, Fred Comm B.Acc 1940  
Pepper, V.W. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1934  
Peridcaris, J. Arts    
Perrin, G.S. Arts    
Perry, P.C. Arts BA 1940  
Perverseff, J.I. Arts BA 1923  
Peters, H.P. Engin    
Peterson, D.G. Arts    
Peterson, E.R. Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1935  
Peterson, J.A.      
Peterson, L.O. Arts BA 1939  
Peterson, Otto Arts BA 1936  
Pettigrew, Robert Arts    
Phillips, A.J. Comm    
Phillips, John Engin    
Phillips, K.L. Arts    
Phillips, R.D. Arts, Law LLB 1926  
Pickard, A.L. Comm B.Acc 1936  
Pickering, E. Pharm certificate 1929  
Pickering, G.L. Comm B.Acc 1937  
Pickersgill, G.      
Pidgeon, Annie Arts, Educ BA 1930, B.Ed 1939  
Pierce, G.H. Arts BA 1939  
Piercy, A.K. Engin BE 1942  
Piggott, A. Engin BE 1942  
Pike, G.N.      
Pinder, Herbert Arts BA 1942  
Pinder, R.R. Pharm certificate 1939  
Pipe, Chas. Comm    
Platt, G. Arts    
Pleasance, L.L. Comm    
Pluym, Henry Arts    
Policha, J.M. Arts, Law LLB 1946  
Pollock, D.H. Comm    
Pollock, S.S. Arts    
Pollock, W.G.      
Poole, W.D. Agro    
Porteous, George Arts BA 1927  
Porteous, T.F.M. Arts, Educ BA 1935, B.Ed 1938, M.Ed 1939  
Porter, C.H. Engin BE 1935  
Porter, Edward      
Porter, Harold Arts BA 1933  
Porter, Robert Arts BA 1941  
Potter, Frederick Arts    
Potts, A.E.      
Potts, Edith Home Ec    
Potts, G.A. Engin BE 1942  
Poulin, W.J.J. Arts    
Pounder, Douglas Arts, Engin    
Powell, William Agro BSA 1943  
Power, R.E. Pharm    
Pratt, Florence Arts    
Pratt, R.J. Arts BSc 1937  
Pratt, Ralph Arts BA 1939  
Pratt, Ross Law LLB 1923  
Prescott, Murray Engin BE 1943  
Preston, F.G. Pharm certificate 1942  
Price, Eileen Home Ec BHSc 1939  
Price, G.C. Agro    
Pringle, B.H. Comm    
Pringle, J.A. Arts, Comm B.Acc 1938  
Probe, J.O. Arts BA 1932  
Probert, K.F. Arts BA 1941  
Prowse, L.E. Arts    
Pulley, R.J. Arts    
Purcell, H.W. Pharm    
Purdy, C.C. Engin BE 1944 ?  
Purdy, Herbert Agro BSA 1932  
Putnam, L.G. Agro BSA 1937, MSc 1939  
Putnam, M.E. Agro AA 1940  
Pyke, R.B.W. Engin    
Quick, J. Agro    
Quickfall, Arthur Engin    
Quinlan, John Arts, Law LLB 1941  
Quinn, J.W. Agro    
Ragush, Michael Engin    
Ranger, O.L. Pharm certificate 1942  
Rankin, R.R. Arts    
Rashley, Richard Arts BA 1933 ?  
Rasmusson, Lloyd Arts, Agro BSA 1936  
Rawlinson, C.H. Pharm certificate 1938  
Raymes, D. Arts    
Rayner, Willison Engin BE 1941  
Rea, Clarence Pharm certificate 1935  
Redford, L.R. Arts BSc 1936  
Redgewick, Evelyn Arts BSc 1928  
Reed, C.L.      
Reed, W.C.N. Pharm certificate 1932  
Rees, H.C. Arts, Law BA 1923, LLB 1925  
Reesor, H.C. Arts BA 1931  
Reid, E.A. Arts, Comm B.Acc 1942  
Reid, F.A. Pharm    
Reid, R.D. Arts BA 1942  
Reid, Robert Arts AA certificate 1935 ?  
Rein, Arthur Arts    
Reiners, V.R. Comm B.Acc 1940  
Rempel, G. Arts    
Rennie, C.S. Arts, Med BSc 1937, certificate Med 1937  
Rennie, R. Arts, Educ BA 1934, B.Ed 1937  
Renouf, F.C. Comm B.Acc 1943  
Renouf, John Comm BAcc 1936  
Resnick, S.J. Arts, Med BA 1940  
Revill, James Engin    
Reynolds, D.D. Engin BE 1942  
Reynolds, Joseph Arts, Ed BA 1933 [Manitoba?]  
Reynolds, P.E. Arts, Law BA 1935, LLB 1932  
Rhode, R.      
Rice, Charles      
Rice, R.M. Agro AA 1940  
Richardson, Clem Arts    
Richardson, George C. Agro BSA 1948  
Richardson, Henry Arts    
Richardson, J.G. Arts, Engin BSc 1935, BE 1938  
Riches, Dorothy Arts BA 1929  
Riches, W.A. Engin    
Riddell, W.M.      
Ridley, John Arts    
Riecken, T.O. Arts, Agro BSA 1940  
Ringheim, A.S.      
Robb, w.B. Engin BE 1942  
Roberts, A.M. Arts    
Robertson, Colin Arts BSc 1933 ?  
Robertson, Hugh Arts BSc 1928, MSc 1929  
Robertson, J.L. Arts BA 1942  
Robertson, R.W.W. Arts BA 1930, B.Ed 1939  
Robertson, Robert Arts BA 1937 ?  
Robinson, D.R. Agro BSA 1928  
Robinson, Edith Educ    
Robinson, George Arts, Law LLB 1937  
Robinson, George Agro BSA 1929  
Robinson, H.R. Arts BA 1940, honors 1941  
Robinson, J.W. Engin    
Robinson, James E. Arts, Law BA 1939  
Robinson, James M. Arts BA 1939  
Robinson, Janet Arts BA 1935, certificate Ed 1939  
Robinson, Jerrold Engin BE 1939  
Robinson, Lance Arts, Agro BSA 1943  
Robinson, Margaret Arts BA 1940 ?  
Robinson, R.L.      
Robinson, W.G. Arts BSc 1936  
Robson, J.T. Arts    
Robson, N.F. Arts, Educ BSc 1935, certificate Educ 1936  
Robson, W.R. Agro    
Rockel, A.C. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1934  
Rogers, G.A. Arts BA 1939  
Romonow, M.R.      
Roney, W.H. Arts, Med    
Rooke, G.M. Comm B.Acc 1935  
Rooke, W.E. Engin    
Rose, Gerald Arts BA 1940  
Ross, I.S. Engin    
Ross, J.S. Comm B.Acc 1940  
Ross, Phillip Arts BA 1940  
Ross, T.A. Arts    
Ross, W.A. Arts    
Rouatt, G.E. Agro BSA 1934  
Routledge, James Arts BSc 1937  
Rowbotham, H.S. Engin BE 1944 ?  
Rowed, R.B.W. Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1937  
Rowell, L.A. Arts BSc 1933  
Roy, E.L. Arts BA 1936 ?  
Rubin, M.E.      
Ruiz, G.M. Engin    
Running, E.A. Arts BA 1940  
Russell, Earl Arts BA 1943  
Russell, W.S. Arts, Law BA 1938, LLB 1940  
Rutherford, J.B. Arts, Agro BSA 1930, MSc 1931  
Ryder, B.S. Pharm certificate 1931  
Saddington, H.R. Arts BA 1943  
Salter, A.W. Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1935  
Samchuk, George Agro    
Sanders, R.R. Arts BSc 1935  
Sandomirsky, M.M. Arts, Comm    
Sandomirsky, M.M. Arts, Law BA 1932, LLB 1934  
Sansom, Lorna Arts, Med BA 1940, certificate Med 1940 Mrs. David Miskelly
Sargent, R.J. Arts BA 1940  
Savage, R.G. Agro BSA 1941  
Saville, H. Agro BSA 1916  
Savisky, M.F. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1935  
Sawyer, L.      
Schalin, E. Agro BSA 1944 ?  
Schmalenberg, R. Arts, Med BA 1940, certificate Med 1941  
Schmidt, E.W. Arts    
Schmidt, John Arts BA 1942  
Schmidt, R.A. Agro BSA 1939  
Schneider, R.R. Engin BE 1941  
Schrader, Frederick Agro BSA 1938, MSc 1940  
Schurr, B.      
Schwager, P.G. Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1936  
Schwinghammer, L.A. Arts, Med BA 1926  
Scollnick, J. Agro    
Scott, Albert Agro BSA 1943  
Scott, D.J. Engin, Comm    
Scott, Douglas Arts BA 1940  
Scott, G.M. Pharm certificate 1936  
Scott, J.D. Comm B.Acc 1940  
Scott, J.W. Arts BA 1929  
Scott, Muriel Arts BA 1942  
Scott, R.A. Engin    
Scott, R.C. Arts, Engin BE 1936  
Scott, R.W. Arts BA 1939  
Scott, Robert Arts    
Scott, Robert Pharm certificate 1937 ?  
Scott, W.E. Arts, Law BA 1929, LLB 1933  
Scowcroft, G.C. Engin BE 1942  
Scrimes, F.J. Engin    
Scrimshaw, Albert Agro BSA 1939  
Scull, B.P. Engin BE 1929  
Seaborn, George Engin BE 1937  
Seaborn, W.R. Arts BA 1926  
Searle, A.B. Engin BE 1937  
Seddon, Thomas L. Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1938  
Seddon, Thomas T. Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1938  
Sentence, R.C. Engin BE 1940  
Seppala, H. Engin    
Sexsmith, E.B. Engin    
Sharman, John Pharm    
Sharp, H. Arts BA 1923  
Shattuck, Allan Engin, Educ BE 1930, certificate Educ 1935  
Shaw, A.F. Arts, Agro BSc 1937  
Shaw, D.A. Comm B.Acc 1933  
Shaw, F.M. Arts BA 1940  
Shaw, W.E. Agro    
Shea, Edward Arts    
Shepherd, A.A. Engin    
Sheppard, Drina Arts, Educ BA 1935, certificate Ed 1938  
Sheppard, Edward Arts BA 1943  
Sherbin, E.J.      
Shienfield, I. Engin BE 1941  
Shirkie, J. Engin    
Shoquist, W.W. Engin, Arts    
Shore, B. Pharm certificate 1932  
Siddons, J.D. Engin, Arts    
Sifton, S.C. Law LLB 1931  
Sigurdson, B. Engin BE 1935  
Silverman, Norman Arts, Law BA 1940  
Simm, J.A.      
Simmonsen, J. Agro    
Simpkins, Benjamin Agro    
Simpkins, E.W. Agro AA 1939  
Simpkins, G.C.      
Simpson, C.D.      
Simpson, Charles      
Simpson, R. Howard Agro    
Simpson, Robert Law LLB 1935  
Simpson, Wallace Agro AA 1942  
Sinclair, A.W. Pharm certificate 1941  
Singer, A. Arts    
Singleton, Allan Pharm certificate 1942  
Singleton, B.D.      
Singleton, C.M. Pharm    
Sinnot, G.R.      
Sjoding, A.T.C. Arts BA 1932 ?  
Sjoding, J.D.M. Arts, Med BSc 1937, certificate Med 1937  
Skinner, Les Engin BE 1932  
Sklar, E. Arts BSc 1934  
Slind, L.H. Arts, Educ BSc 1933, certificate Educ 1935  
Slough, C.A. Engin, Comm    
Sly, W.K. Arts, Educ BA 1937, certificate Educ 1939  
Small, Frederick Engin BE 1932  
Smiley, W.D. Arts BA 1939  
Smith, A. Ernest Engin    
Smith, Allan Arts - Regina BA 1940  
Smith, C.H.C. Agro BSA 1941  
Smith, Clifford Arts BA 1937  
Smith, Edward Engin    
Smith, H.L. Comm B.Acc 1942  
Smith, J.A. Engin    
Smith, J.P. Arts BA 1940  
Smith, James Agro BSA 1941  
Smith, L.D. Arts BSc 1932, MSc 1933  
Smith, Neville Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1939  
Smith, Orma Arts BA 1932  
Smith, Phil Agro    
Smith, R.R. Arts BA 1939  
Smith, Richard Comm B.Acc 1934 ?  
Smith, Stanford Arts BA 1943  
Smith, W. Bruce Pharm    
Smith-Windsor, Grenville Arts    
Smythe, W.H. Engin    
Snelgrove, John Engin    
Snell, Frederick Agro BSA 1943  
Snell, John Arts, Educ BA 1932, certificate Educ 1933  
Snider, Inez Arts BA 1931 ?  
Snow, Clare Home Ec BHSc 1939 ? Eva St. Clare
Snyder, R.B. Engin BE 1938  
Soare, Jack Engin BE 1939  
Sochowski, M.M. Arts BA 1943  
Soeder, P.E.W. Engin    
Southey, C.F.      
Spanos, Thos. Arts, Law LLB 1943  
Sparling, Alva Arts BA 1925  
Sparling, F.H. Arts    
Sparling, G.W. Engin    
Sparling, L.F. Engin    
Speed, J. Pharm certificate 1938  
Spelliscy, F.M. Engin    
Spencer, C.E. Arts BSc 1932  
Spencer, David Engin, Arts    
Squarebriggs, George Comm B.Acc 1938  
Stafford, Ronald Arts, Engin BE 1940  
Stalwick, Lorne Agro BSA 1943  
Standen, Sydney Agro, Arts, Educ BA 1937  
Staniforth, Sydney Engin    
Stanley, C. Educ    
Stannard, A.F.B. Engin BE 1937  
Stanwood, D.H. Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1935  
Staples, R.C. Arts, Educ BSc 1935, certificate Educ 1936  
Staples, W.J. Arts BSc 1933, MSC 1936  
Staples, William Engin BE 1942 ?  
Stapley, W.H. Engin BE 1937  
Stark, E. Pharm certificate 1926  
Stayner, R.M. Arts, Law LLB 1939  
Stechisin, W. Arts    
Steer, W.P. Arts, Educ BA 1938, B.Ed 1939  
Stein, Leonard Arts    
Stephans-Newsham, L.G. Arts BA 1942 or 43 Stephens? Lloyd George
Stephens, Mary Home Ec BHSc 1931  
Stephenson, Jas. Engin BE 1943  
Stevenson, William Engin BE 1941  
Stewart, D.S. Agro AA 1938  
Stewart, D.W. Arts, Med BA 1928, certificate Med 1930  
Stewart, Edwin Engin    
Stewart, Gordon Arts BSc 1936  
Stewart, J.A. Pharm certificate 1940  
Stewart, J.M. Comm    
Stewart, James Arts, Engin BA 1940, BE 1941  
Stewart, Kenneth Pharm certificate 1924  
Stewart, L.V. Arts BA 1934  
Stewart, W.N. Law LLB 1919  
Stilborn, A.A. Arts, Agro BSA 1941  
Stilborn, J.H. Agro AA 1937  
Stillwell, B.G.      
Stillwell, G.K. Arts, Med BA 1938, certificate Med 1939  
Stirling, Isabel Arts BA 1936  
Stitt, J.M. Engin    
Stoik, John Engin    
Storey, A.G. Arts    
Storey, Jonathan Arts    
Storr, D. Arts, Educ BA 1939, certificate Educ 1940, B.Ed 1942  
Storr, Hugh Comm    
Strauss, Ervin Engin    
Streb, G.E. Engin BE 1933  
Street, Alfred Engin BE 1940  
Strickland, P.W. Law BA 1932, LLB 1934  
Strilchuk, B.J. Agro    
Struthers, George Arts - St. A's BA 1934  
Stuart, Peter Comm    
Stuart, S.W. Engin    
Stuart, T.R. Arts, Engin    
Sturdy, F.D. Engin BE 1941  
Sundberg, F.A. Engin    
Sutcliffe, Joan Arts    
Sutherland, Robert Agro    
Sutton, Lawrence Engin    
Swaffield, N.M. Arts, Pharm BSP 1931  
Swain, G.S. Engin    
Swain, Gilbert Engin BE 1943 ?  
Swan, D. Engin BE 1938 ?  
Swanson, R.A. Arts, Engin BE 1940  
Swanston, J.M. Pharm certificate 1941  
Sweeney, J.B. Arts    
Sweeney, V.D. Arts BA 1942, honors 1943  
Sykes, Frederick Engin    
Symons, J.G.      
Symons, L.G. Engin BE 1941  
Taber, R.H. Arts BA 1935  
Taggart, J.D. Engin    
Taggart, Kay Home Ec    
Talmey, R.C. Arts, Med BA 1938, certificate Med 1938  
Tanner, Eleanor Arts, Educ BA 1931, certificate Educ 1932, B.Ed 1938  
Tanner, Richard Arts    
Tate, A.G. Engin    
Taylor, B. Engin BE 1941  
Taylor, B.E. Agro AA 1940  
Taylor, F.V. Engin    
Taylor, G.D. Arts BA 1924  
Taylor, Henry Engin BE 1939  
Taylor, J.A. Pharm certificate 1930  
Taylor, J.R. Arts BA 1940  
Taylor, P.G. Arts BSC 1931  
Taylor, W. Agro AA 1931  
Taylor, W.K. Arts    
Taylor, Wilbur Arts, Med BA 1940  
Taylor, William Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1936  
Teed, G.A. Pharm certificate 1942?  
Telfer, D.J. Comm    
Tessman, F.B. Arts, Engin    
Theberge, Delphis      
Therrien, Emile Arts, Med BSc 1932, certificate Med 1932  
Thiessen, P.J. Arts, Educ BSc 1933, certificate Educ 1934  
Thoday, G.P. Engin, Arts    
Thom, S.D. Law LLB 1929  
Thomas, Dorren Comm B.Acc 1942  
Thomas, J.R. Arts BA 1941  
Thomlinson, R.H. Agro AA 1924  
Thompson, D.P. Engin BE 1940  
Thompson, G.C. Engin BE 1938  
Thompson, H.L. Engin    
Thompson, H.M. Engin BE 1940  
Thompson, H.T.      
Thompson, J.H. Comm B.Acc 1926  
Thompson, James Med    
Thompson, Murray Engin    
Thompson, R.B.L. Arts    
Thompson, Robert Engin    
Thompson, S.M.M. Arts BSc 1932  
Thompson, Victor Arts BA 1941 ?  
Thompson, William Arts BSc 1937  
Thomson, John Arts BSc 1936  
Thomson, R.K.      
Thomson, T.D. Arts    
Thorburn, K.T. Engin    
Thornton, B.H. Pharm    
Thornton, L.C. Arts    
Thorseth, E. Comm    
Thurmeier, F.J. Comm B.Acc 1944 ?  
Thurmeier, J.J. Arts BA 1938 ?  
Tickner, A.W. Engin BE 1944 ?  
Tobachnick, Joseph      
Todd, Henry Engin BE 1941  
Todd, J.      
Tollefson, T.S. Agro AA 1936, BSA 1942  
Tomczak, L.G. Comm    
Tooley, R.A. Agro    
Toombs, G.L. Arts BA 1940  
Toombs, Gordon Arts    
Toombs, Gordon L. Arts BA 1940  
Toombs, Herbert Arts, Educ BA 1932, B.Ed 1938  
Tooth, George Arts    
Topham, W.R. Engin BE 1940  
Torrence, W.L. Engin    
Torrington, F.D. Engin BE 1940  
Traill, Evadna Arts BA 1932  
Trann, Emery Arts - Luther AA certificate 1941  
Trapp, D.L. Engin BE 1941  
Traynor, J.C. Engin BE 1942  
Traynor, James Arts, Med BA 1935, certificate Med 1937  
Treleaven, Donald Engin BE 1943 ?  
Treleaven, J.C. Arts    
Treleaven, J.M.      
Treleaven, Leonard Engin BE 1943  
Trenholm, L.S. Arts BSc 1936  
Trim, Eveline Nursing, Arts BA 1942  
Trischuk, W.M. Engin BE 1933  
Trowell, F.W. Engin BE 1934 ?  
Truscott, C.W. Arts, Law    
Truscott, G.G. Engin BE 1935  
Truscott, L. Law    
Truscott, Myrtle Arts BA 1934  
Tubby, A. Engin BE 1932  
Tucker, W.A. Law LLB 1924  
Turnbull, B.G. Pharm certificate 1935  
Turnbull, Helen Home Ec BHSc 1941  
Turnbull, W.L. Comm B.Acc 1940  
Turner, J.D.      
Turner, John Engin    
Turner, L.C. Engin BE 1942  
Turner, Nic Agro    
Turnour, Noel Agro    
Turvey, F.W. Agro AA 1939  
Tweddell, I.W. Engin    
Tyerman, David Law LLB 1928 ?  
Tyerman, Donald Arts BSc 1928