Co-operative Studies Collection

Co-opertive Studies Collection

Originally housed in the Centre for the Study of Co-Operatives Library, this specialized collection of approximately 6,000 items was transferred to UASC in 2014. Focusing on the topic of co-operatives from social, political, economic and historical points of view, this collection emphasizes:

• Co-operatives societies, their structure, role in society and the community, governance, history, member relations, legal and business aspects

• Credit unions and their structure, role and history

• Co-operation: philosophy, history, theory, research

• Women, indigenous peoples, and other under-represented groups in co-operative societies

• Co-operative development

• Sustainable rural, economic, and community development

• Co-operative learning and co-operative education

• Social movements: their history, theory, ideologies, and institutions

• Social economy

The Cooperative Studies Collection consists of a variety of resources including student theses; copies of the Centre’s publications; serials; articles, newsletters, magazines, pamphlets, and short research articles related to co-operatives; audio visual materials; and books. A title search for "Co-operative Studies Collection" in the library catalogue will generate a list of materials found in this collection.