Franklin Delano Roosevelt Collection

FDR Collection

At over 800 titles consisting of more than a thousand items, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt collection is not only one of the most complete collections about the former US president, but a rich and curious resource that  demonstrates a strong connection between the policies of Saskatchewan’s CCF party and the policies outlined by FDR’s administration.
On the surface, one might have difficulty drawing any direct correlation between The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Collection and the province of Saskatchewan, but in fact, the ideas put forth by the US president’s  “New Deal” legislation had a great influence on the direction that Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas and his CCF government would eventually steer the province. The collection, a generous gift of Henry & Cheryl Kloppenburg, is actually of outstanding significance and cultural importance for its close association with Canadian history, and in particular, to Saskatchewan political history.  Many of TC Douglas’s policies found their origins and closely resembled policies of the New Deal, not by accident, but by Douglas’s keen interest on the reforms sweeping the United States and his recruitment of former advisors and members of FDR’s administration. For this reason, this comprehensive collection has been certified by the Canadian Cultural Property Review Board.

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