The Doukhobors in Canada: Manuscripts

Women with weaving loom 2James Frederick Church Wright collected oral and written material on the Doukhobors during the 1930s, and lived with them in the Blaine Lake district in the winter of 1935. His manuscript eventually became the book Slava Bohu for which he received the Canadian Authors Association medal in 1941.

In this photo, Mrs. Bludoff, Sr. and Mrs. Wasyl Bludoff are warping the loom previous to the demonstration held on June 25, 1925, at the University of Saskatchewan. This process took almost a day to complete for a warp skein of 5 yards length. (Special Collections Manuscripts Collection - MSS C555/1/4.2e/2)

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In Manuscripts:

J.F.C. Wright Papers

Call No.: MSS C555/1/4.1a to h

The material in the J.F.C. Wright Papers in the Special Collections Manuscripts Collection consists of a hand-written manuscript, and typed copies of material which was purchased by the National Archives of Canada in 1937, with some handwritten notes by Wright. The manuscripts in these files include:

1a and 1b.

Juroshka. Doukhobors in Russia and Canada. 
Typescript with notes in 1a

1c and 1d.

Notes for second feature [Burning of the guns]
Typescript with notes in 1c

1e and 1f

"Material translated from Verigin's Letters, a book in Russian language by Vladimir Bonch-Bruivich. The rest of it is mostly interviews with Doukhobors (sometimes in groups) in Blaine Lake District. A small part of this material is from Gregory Verigin's book in Russian."

Handwritten notes and manuscript with typescript copy.

MSS C555/1/4.1.g

[Diary of Lepold Soulerjitski]. Excerpts 1899-1900?, "supplemented by material gathered from the Doukhobours of" Blaine Lake.


MSS C555/1/4.1.h

Notes on Doukhobors by J. F. C. Wright.



MSS C555/1/4.2a

Return to an order of the House of Commons, dated the 31st January 1917, showing a copy of all documents, letters, messages, correspondence, reports and particularly an Order in Council dated 6th December 1898, respecting the exemption from military service of the Doukhobors.

Sessional papers no. 224.


MSS C555/1/4.2b

The present situation of the Doukhobors, by A. S. Orton


MSS C555/1/4.2c

Poems by a Doukobor, by A. G. Loverove

Published pamphlet.