60 Years of Educational Publishing in Saskatchewan

Link Gallery: February 1 - April , 2016

Curated by MaryLynn Gagné

This exhibition focusses on educational publishing in Saskatchewan from 1930 to 1990, and consists primarily of selected school textbooks and teachers’ resources published by Regina and Saskatoon-based companies--School Aids and Textbook Publishing, Western Extension College Educational Publishers, and School Publications & Specialties. The exhibition also showcases prairie authors & educators who wrote for these publishers—Mary Weekes, Henry Janzen, Rj Staples, James A. MacNeill, and others. A selection of books used in Saskatchewan’s schools and school libraries illustrate how schoolbooks reflect prevailing teaching methods and values through the decades. Most of the print resources are from the Historical Textbook Collection in the Education & Music Library. Selected archival resources including photographs and recorded interviews add interest to the exhibit.


Cosette               mckitrick

School textbook based on the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

William R. McKitrick, owner of Western Extension College Educational Publishers, 1975-1999