´╗┐Alumnus and Nobel Laureate: The Legacy of Henry Taube

Henry Taube circa 1980's

2 September 2013 -  20 September 2013
Location: Link Gallery, First Floor, Murray Building
Curated by: University Archives & Special Collections

Henry Taube (B.Sc. 1935, M.Sc. 1937) is the only University of Saskatchewan graduate to have received a Nobel Prize, and one of only two Nobel laureates associated with the University of Saskatchewan. In conjunction with the Department of Chemistry’s centennial celebrations, and on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Henry Taube’s Nobel Prize, this exhibition features highlights from the Henry Taube collection, donated to the University of Saskatchewan by Mary Alice Taube in 2011. The collection includes medals and other awards received by Henry Taube, including the Nobel Prize, National Medal of Science, Priestly Medal, etc.; plaques, certificates and other memorabilia; textual material; and photographs.

The textual material covers several career milestones, including correspondence from Canadian universities in 1940 and subsequent job applications and offers; biographical material including oral history interviews; material relating to Luther College; articles by Taube and others explainTaubedisplay1ing Taube’s scientific contributions; clippings and other material relating to awards, especially the Nobel Prize.

 Photographs include documentation of the Nobel Prize ceremony, including the presentation by King Carl Gustaf; other award ceremonies; international trips including to Japan, China and Taiwan as a visiting lecturer; informal photos from various years; formal portraits and head shots; giving lectures and with students; colleagues from Stanford including fellow Nobel laureates; and more.

In conjunction with the Department of Chemistry's centennial celebrations, there will be a special event honouring the life and legacy of Henry Taube on Friday, September 20th. The Nobel Medal will be on display all afternoon; please join us for a short program at 3 p.m. in the Link Gallery.