Current Exhibitions

Post Cards

Curators: Patrick Hayes

Locations: Murray Library Link Gallery, Ground Floor, and Murray 301

From February to April 2019 the Link Gallery in Murray Library featured the Postcards exhibit, curated by Patrick Hayes. The exhibit showcased the large variety of postcards that the University Archives and Special Collections has. About the history of the postcard, from the curator:

The postcard was created in the mid-19th century and over the subsequent decades become a worldwide phenomenon. Canada’s first card was introduced in 1871. Cheap, convenient and reliable, they were available everywhere. They documented the wonders of the world, commemorated events, portrayed exotic cultures, celebrated art, the theater, and tickled the funny bone. The most popular type of card was related to travel and kept friends and loved ones informed of adventures taken. As their popularity soared, so did the number of sub-genres. Read more...