The Northwest Resistance

April 2010 - September 2010
Location: Link Gallery, First Floor, Murray Buliding
Curated by: David Bindle, Special Collections Librarian

The Northwest Resistance display was put together on the 125th aniversary of Louis Riel's uprising in the West as a way to honour the great Métis leader. The exhibition included material from Special Collections regarding the Northwest Resistance including a letter written by Louis Riel. The following people also created imaginative and attractive posters regarding the twelve major events of the Resistance, such as the Frog Lake Massacre and the Battle of Batoche, as outlined by Jenn Sharp in the 13 May 2010 issue of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix: David Bindle, Joel Salt, Catherine Nygren, Diane Hess, Kate Hodgson, Rebecca Szeman, and Kate Clements. David Bindle, Special Collections Librarian curated the exhibition, which also included contemporary sources (from 1885) and more recent histories and critical examination of the Resistance.

Images from the display:

Northwest Resistance

Above: Exhibition poster displaying spread from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix highlighting major events in the 1885 Northwest Resistance.


Riel's Letter










                Right: October 27th, 1885 Riel wrote a letter while imprisoned which was a featured item in the exhibition.

Left: A poster displaying a photo-collage of material relating to the aftermath of the Northwest Resistance.


Riel Exhibit Poster


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