Subsidiary/Associate Companies

Record Schedule Number: 1996-56
Office of Primary Responsibility: Corporate Administration Office

This series consists of records generated by partially- or wholly-owned companies of the University.


University of Saskatchewan Technologies Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary with a mandate to evaluate, protect, and exploit University controlled intellectual property for the benefit of the University.

Agricoll Research Investments Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary providing an investment vehicle which allows the University to promote and participate in research, education, and technology transfer related to the agricultural industry.

Records in this series may include:

  • minutes of annual meetings
  • working papers
  • audit reports
  • other reports
  • financial statements
  • incorporation documents

Copies of these records will be permanently available in either the Corporate Administration Office or the Archives. Other campus units dealing with subsidiary/associate companies should not keep these records beyond the time needed for current business or reference purposes.

Official copy10 yearsTransfer to Archives for selective retention
Other copies5 yearsDestroy

  • Finances
Classification: 200-299 - Financial Records
Approval Date: 13 June 1996
Status: In force