Cheque Cycle Cash Disbursements

Record Schedule Number: 1996-44
Office of Primary Responsibility: Financial Services Division

This report (VBC030) is generated in support of each cheque production run for Canadian (Bank 01) and US (Bank 02) cheques. At the end of each fiscal year report VBM030 ("Annual Cash Disbursement Register"), which is a collection of all the individual VBC030 reports for the fiscal year, is generated (also in vendor name sequence). VBM030 is microfiched and the original is transferred to University Archives while the working copy resides in FSD - Vendor Payments.

Official copyPermanentTransfer original microfiche copy to Archives at time of creation
Other copies7 years (microfiche)Destroy the paper copies of VBC030 once the VBM030 has been generated, fiched and verified. Retain the working copy of the microfiche for 7 years

  • Finances
Classification: 200-299 - Financial Records
Approval Date: 13 June 1996
Revision Date: 1 December 1999
Status: In force