Year-End Summary

Record Schedule Number: 1996-47
Office of Primary Responsibility: Financial Services Division

This series, comprising summaries of financial record system data for each year, are used to produce the University's official financial statements and other financial reports.

The records in this series include four summary reports:

General Ledger (GL) and Subsidiary Ledger (SL) listing. Displays all records on file for each GL and SL account selected. It includes all dollar fields and attribute data.

A 6-Digit SL/GL Account Summary used to generate reports for the GL and/or SL, including a ledger total and optional subtotals defined in the Report Description File (for each account).

A GL displays account data by account control, with subtotals by fund group.

A Summary Report which displays a report by sub-code within a ledger and combines all accounts with a user-designated attribute value (eg. College).

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  • Finances
Classification: 200-299 - Financial Records
Approval Date: 13 June 1996
Status: In force