Monthly Statements of Accounts

Record Schedule Number: 1996-52
Office of Primary Responsibility: Financial Services Division

This series consists of the monthly statements of accounts which presents all financial transactions posted for each account within the appropriate ledger.

Records in this series consist of the monthly statement (FBM092).

Although Central Registry maintains a microfiche copy, the microfiche original is transferred to the Archives at the time of creation.. Paper copies specific to each account are distributed to the respective fund accountants and account holders.

The series is maintained both on paper by the Financial Services Division and is retained permanently on microfiche by the Archives. These reports should not accompany records transfers to the Archives. For legal and administrative reasons, the Financial Services Division copy must be retained for 7 years. All other copies should be destroyed as soon as no longer needed for current business or reference purposes.

Retention and Disposition:
This schedule applies to all following accounts (the number in brackets refers to the first number of all accounts in each fund):

  • Operating Fund - (1)
  • Operating Fund - (2)
  • Ancillary Enterprises - (3)
  • Specific Purpose - (4)
  • Trusts & Endowment -(5)
  • Sponsored Research - (7)
  • Capital - (8)
  • Agency Funds - (9)

Financial Services Division (paper copy)7 yearsTransfer microfiche copy to Archives upon creation; Destroy paper copy after 7 years
Microfiche working copies7 yearsDestroy
Other copies3 yearsDestroy

  • Finances
Classification: 200-299 - Financial Records
Approval Date: 13 June 1996
Status: In force