External Committees

Record Schedule Number: 1996-10
Office of Primary Responsibility: Does not apply

Other Colleges and Campus Units including University Governance Bodies:

This series documents the deliberations, decisions and recommendations of the committees of other University of Saskatchewan colleges, affiliated and federated colleges, and other campus units. Retain the current copy only, making it available to any college staff to whom it is relevant. Destroy when superseded.

External Organizations:

This series consists of the records a college receives owing to an association with non-University organizations. This may include government departments, professional bodies, etc.

Documents in this series may include:

  • mission statement
  • constitution
  • agendas
  • reports
  • approved minutes
  • printed material
  • attachments
  • working papers

Retention and disposition will vary depending upon the relationship between the college and the external organization. One copy of these records should be maintained in the Dean's Office for three to five years to ensure continuity.

This material may provide important insights into the activities of the college and its relationship with the outside world and the official copy should be transferred to the University Archives for selective retention. All other copies should be destroyed.

  • Governance
Classification: 450 - Committee Records - College
Approval Date: 13 June 1996
Status: In force