College Subcommittees

Record Schedule Number: 1996-09
Office of Primary Responsibility: Dean's Office

This series documents the deliberations, decisions and recommendations of the subcommittees of any standing, ad hoc, or special purpose committee.

These subcommittees may be composed of college faculty, administrative or support personnel or representatives of other colleges or units.

Documents in this series may include:

  • agendas
  • reports
  • approved minutes
  • printed material
  • attachments
  • working papers

Subcommittee records at this level have no value beyond the point at which reports are presented, received, and approved. While prudence dictates retaining the official copy for a short period of time, they should be destroyed once the need for purposes of reference and accountability has expired.

Official Copy3 yearsDestroy
Chair1 yearDestroy
Others1 yearDestroy

  • Governance
Classification: 450 - Committee Records - College
Approval Date: 13 June 1996
Status: In force