Deans' Council

Record Schedule Number: 1996-13
Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice-President (Academic)

This series documents the deliberations, decisions, and recommendations of the Deans' Council.

In addition to vetting University policies prior to their transmission to the Board of Governors, the Deans' Council discusses a variety of academic and administrative issues and shares information on many topics affecting the institution.

The Council, chaired by the Vice-President (Academic), is composed of all Deans, Director of Libraries, the Registrar, and the Assistant Vice-President (Student Services), with the Assistant to the Vice-President (Academic) serving as secretary.

Documents in this series may include:

  • agendas
  • reports
  • position/discussion papers
  • approved minutes
  • printed material
  • attachments
  • working papers

Official Copy5 yearsTransfer annually to Archives for permanent retention
Chair2 yearsDestroy unless substantively annotated
Others1 year + most recent meetingDestroy unless substantively annotated

  • Governance
Classification: 420 - Committee Records - Governance
Approval Date: 13 June 1996
Status: In force