Senate Committees and Subcommittees

Record Schedule Number: 1996-20
Office of Primary Responsibility: University Secretary

This series is composed of records of committees and subcommittees struck by the Senate or reporting to it, including both standing and special committees.

Documents in this series may include agendas and minutes of meetings, together with reports and other supporting material not found in records of the University Senate.

Under the University of Saskatchewan Act (1995), the Senate has the authority to establish committees; standing committees are defined in the Senate bylaws.

Secretary1 yearsTransfer official copy to Archives for permanent retention; retain reference copy in office until no longer required
OthersUntil no longer requiredDestroy

Any members, including the chair, who feel that their notes or annotations contain important information may choose to provide those notes to the Secretary for inclusion in the official file.

  • Governance
Classification: 420 - Committee Records - Governance
Approval Date: 13 June 1996
Revision Date: 16 October 2015
Status: In force