Scholarships and Awards Committee

Record Schedule Number: 2015-003
Office of Primary Responsibility: Student and Enrolment Services Division

This series consists of records of the Scholarships and Awards Committee of University Council not duplicated in the records of University Council. The committee is established by and reports at least annually to Council, but is administered by the Awards and Financial Aid office of the Student and Enrolment Services Division.

The Scholarships and Awards Committee’s responsibilities include recommending to Council on matters relating to awards, scholarships and bursaries under the control of the University, and granting those awards, scholarships and bursaries which are open to students in more than one college of school.

Documents in this series, in printed or electronic form, may include:

  • agendas
  • reports
  • approved minutes
  • supporting material
  • working papers

Official copy3 yearsTransfer to archives for selective retention
OthersUntil no longer requiredDestroy

Any members, including the chair, who feel that their notes or annotations contain important information may choose to provide those notes to the Secretary for inclusion in the official file.

  • Governance
Classification: 420 - Committtee Records - Governance
Approval Date: 16 June 2015
Status: In force