Land and Real Estate Holdings Advisory Committee

Record Schedule Number: 1996-30
Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice-President (Finance and Administration)

This series documents the deliberations, decisions and recommendations of the Land & Real Estate Holdings Advisory Committee with respect to the University's real estate holdings.

The committee is composed of representatives of the Controller's Office and all units owning or controlling land (eg. Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine), together with the Vice-President (Finance and Administration), the University Secretary, and a representative of the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board of Governors in attendance.

Documents in this series may include:

  • agendas
  • reports
  • approved minutes
  • printed material
  • attachments
  • working papers

This series has long-term administrative value both for the University as an institution and those campus units directly affected by the actions of the committee. As records of the decisions and policies involving real estate and lands held by the University, they will be of benefit to future researchers and should be transferred to the Archives for permanent preservation.

Official copy7 yearsTransfer annually to Archives for permanent retention
OthersMinutes/agendas: 3 years; Reports/policy: until supersededDestroy

  • Governance
Classification: Committee Records - Vice-Presidential
Approval Date: 13 June 1996
Status: In force