Student records consist of documents and electronic images pertaining to:

  • Admission (eg., application forms, transcripts from other universities)
  • Enrolment (eg., registration and class change forms)
  • Counselling (eg.,programme/health)
  • Conduct (eg., academic/personal)
  • Performance (eg., assignments, examinations, evaluation, promotion, awards)
  • Financial (eg., assessment, payment, scholarships, bursaries, loans)
  • Graduation (eg., certificates, diplomas).

Records pertaining to these procedures are created and accumulated by governing, academic and administrative units:

  • Vice-President (Academic) - as Chair of the Joint Senate/Council Board for Student Appeals and Discipline. (These records are retained in the Office of the Registrar.)
  • Student Services - Counselling
  • Security - Conduct
  • Financial Services - Financial transactions
  • Registrar - All procedures except health counselling
  • Colleges - Most procedures
  • Departments - Most procedures
  • Faculty - Performance.

The official academic record is an internal document in paper or electronic form, initiated and maintained in the Office of the Registrar which constitutes a summary of the student's academic achievements and history at the institution.

The academic transcript is a document considered to be relevant and appropriate for release, at the request of the student, to external institutions, agencies or individuals for educational, accreditation, funding or employment purposes. It contains a selection of information from the official academic record.

The data elements which comprise the University of Saskatchewan transcript are: name, student number, day and month of birth, date of issue, secondary and post-secondary institutions attended, total number of transfer credits, date and college of admission, name and date of session, college of sessional registration, course alphabetic and numeric and credit units, course title and grade, qualifications awarded, thesis topic, faculty actions, disciplinary actions, majors and minors, and any special messages. The following data elements do not appear on the University of Saskatchewan transcript: year of birth, year of matriculation/dates for post-secondary education at other institutions, details of courses undertaken at other institutions, basis or type of admission, sessional or cumulative averages and scholarships or awards.

With the exception of the official student records maintained by the Office of the Registrar, student information has only short term administrative value. All other documentation becomes extraneous within a few years of graduation or discontinuance; although such documents have some utility for purposes of employment reference, even this value diminishes after a few years.