Transferring University Records

  • Before preparing files for transfer:
    • Please first look at the approved retention schedules on the Archives' website. Some material may have already been identified as non-permanent records.
    • Unless you have already established regular transfers, please contact the Archives to discuss what you are planning to send. In some cases we may want to arrange a site visit, e.g. if it is not clear what material should be included in the archival transfer. This will also allow us to ensure we have enough space to accommodate your shipment.
    • The Archives will provide boxes (shipped flat, 8" / 20 cm deep when built). This smaller size is used because of health and safety considerations. Please call ahead to arrange pickup of any boxes.
  • Preparing the transfer:
    • We ask that you provide a box/file list (e.g. in Word or Excel), and send it in electronic form. Among other things this will facilitate things if you need to request to access any files. There is not currently a standard format/template, but we recommend:
      • File title/description; e.g. Faculty Council Minutes
      • Date coverage; e.g. 2000-2003
      • # of folders/containers, if needed; e.g. 2 folder or 3 binders
      with each box numbered sequentially.
    • Please do not transfer hanging folders, unless there is information on these folders that is difficult to transfer, or unless regular folders have not been used and you are not in a position to refolder the material.
    • Contents of binders may be transferred to file folders, but only if the information on the binders is transcribed the folders. If in doubt, please check with us. If necessary, you may send the binders intact.
    • Label and number your boxes at the front (not the side or top), i.e. so that the information is visible when the boxes are on shelves.
  • Completing the transfer:
    • Once you have boxes ready for shipping, please contact us at least one day in advance so that we know to expect them and so that we can provide any special instructions for FMD. Unfortunately, we are not generally in a position to pick up your shipment, but we can meet you at our loading dock.