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What is the AskUs Service?

The AskUS Service is an online service that allows you to contact library employees in real time. You can use this service to ask any questions you would ask us face-to-face.

Who can use the AskUS Service?

Although our primary clients are University of Saskatchewan students, staff, and faculty, we also accept questions from the public.

What types of questions are appropriate for the AskUS Service?

Any question regarding the Library, our branches, or research is welcome; however, brief questions are most appropriate due to the nature of text-based messaging. We will refer longer or more complex inquiries to appropriate personnel to ensure you get the help you need.

How quickly will my questions be answered?

We endeavour to respond quickly; however, we may be busy working with other clients. If you do not receive an initial response, try waiting a few minutes or contacting us via the other contact options available on our Ask Us webpage.

Are chat logs saved?

No; however, the logs are cached on the server for a short period of time. Logs may occasionally be reviewed in an anonymous format to help us improve the quality of the AskUS service.