General Guidelines

The University Library understands that all gifts to the library are unique, and will work to recognize these gifts in ways that are most meaningful for donors.

Please note:

  • Digital bookplates are intended to recognize gifts of cash that are directed specifically toward the library or programs and projects with a strong library connection.
  • Donors to the University Library will receive a new bookplate and accompanying recognition in each of the years they are eligible.
  • The program recognizes only donors’ cumulative annual giving amounts, not cumulative year-over-year giving. 
  • Donors may specifically contact the library and request a digital bookplate anytime throughout the year. Otherwise, giving amounts will be assessed periodically throughout the year to determine eligibility in the program. All donors who are eligible will be contacted by the University Library.
  • Where possible, the University Library will attempt to link titles of interest to or requested by the donor to the donor’s bookplate. Note that only titles from the general collection will be linked to bookplates, not archival or special collections.
  • If a repeat donor’s annual gift entitles them to recognition at a higher bookplate level than past years, they may choose to either accept the new bookplate with its accompanying recognition or keep their existing bookplate and have the new recognition associated with that original bookplate.
  • Digital bookplates do not recognize gifts retrospectively, only new donations made after the implementation date of the program.
  • Digital bookplates recognize pledged gifts at the full level of the pledge amount upon receipt of the donor’s first pledge payment. Gift pledges with no end date, including those made through payroll deduction, will be recognized at the bookplate giving level based on a projected period of giving of three (3) years.

The University Library will evaluate the digital bookplate program on an ongoing basis. If it is determined that the program no longer meets the needs of the library or its donors, the library reserves the right to adjust or discontinue the program.