C-EBLIP Writing Circle

The C-EBLIP Writing Circle is a space where librarians can get together bi-weekly to share their writing progress/procrastination and to write. Beginning over the lunch hour, the Writing Circle begins with each attendee updating the group on their writing progress over the past two weeks. Members also set new writing goals to be undertaking in the next two weeks. This activity provides motivation, peer support, and accountability. Following lunch, Writing Circle members settle in for 2 hours of quiet writing time.

The Writing Circles are usual held in 3 month stints, with members meeting bi-weekly for three months (for example, January - March or October - December). Writing Circles can be given a specific focus. For example, one term of writing involved the librarians who were writing renewal, tenure, or promotion casefiles writing sections of the files and getting feedback from other members. Other than having a specific focus occassionally, we don't limit what people can be working on. It can be a research article, conference presentation, blog post, an internal work report, ethics application, etc. The resultant productivity suprised and delighted Writing Circle members.