Research Facilitation

Library Research Facilitator: Katya MacDonald, PhD
University Library, University of Saskatchewan,
630.1 Murray Building, 3 Campus Dr., Saskatoon, SK  S7N 5A4

The research facilitator supports and enhances the research programs and activities of the University Library faculty, the Library itself, and the University as a whole through a wide-range of research support including the following:

  1. supporting librarian faculty researchers through the research lifecycle
  2. providing grant development services
  3. engaging in profile building
  4. helping create research partnerships
  5. developing unit specific goals and planning initiatives

This support directly promotes research intensivity in the University Library and the University of Saskatchewan and offers crucial support to faculty in securing research funding. Specifically, the research facilitator assists faculty with developing programs of research, identifying potential research funding, preparing and editing grant proposals, developing appropriate budgets, connecting researchers, building their CVs, and mobilizing knowledge.

Research Facilitation at the University of Saskatchewan

Research facilitation promotes and supports research activities at the University of Saskatchewan through a network of skilled professionals who help researchers, colleges/schools, and the institution obtain funding and resources, build profiles, and develop research partnerships and collaborations.

Research Facilitation Framework document