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Copyright Assistance

The University of Saskatchewan's copyright practices and guidelines are changing as a result of the university's decision to opt out of the license agreement with Access Copyright. The agreement lapsed on August 31, 2011 and as of that date the university adopted new fair dealing guidelines that will ensure we are compliant with copyright legislation. Those changes have caused the University Library to modify some of its services and procedures.

We ask for your patience during this transition period as the campus community becomes familiar with the new fair dealing guidelines and how they will affect teaching, learning and research activities. University Library employees will do our best to answer your copyright questions as they relate to library services, or refer you to university personnel with copyright expertise who can provide you with assistance.

Copyright assistance on campus is available at the U of S Copyright web page and copyright.help@usask.ca, also at the University Library Copyright LibGuide and from your college or school librarian. Please do not hesitate to contact library employees for assistance.