Intellectual property (IP) law protects products of invention, creativity, knowledge or expression, and includes:

  • Patents: protect new inventions or any new and useful improvement of an existing invention.
  • Trademarks: words or design used to identify a person or organization, which distinguishes them from others in the marketplace.
  • Copyright: protection for original creations, such as artistic, dramatic, literary or musical works.
  • Industrial Designs: any combination of the aesthetic features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament that is applied to a finished product.
  • Integrated Circuit Topographies: any three-dimensional configuration of electronic circuits contained within products or layout designs.
  • Plant breeders’ rights: apply to certain new plant varieties (managed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

The university has IP policies and principles in place to govern and provide guidance about ownership of IP that is created at the university. For questions about these policies and principles, please contact the University’s Research Excellence and Innovation office.

Getting Help

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