Classroom Recordings & Lecture Capture

Material for telecommunication and distance learning courses may be communicated to students and/or recorded for later viewing or listening. The university must take measures (such as use digital locks) to limit the audience only to students enrolled in the course. Also, the students and the university must destroy any recordings made within 30 days after the final course evaluations have been received by students. This is handled by the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) office.

Note that Section 30.01 (4) of the Copyright Act states, “A student who is enrolled in a course of which the lesson forms a part is deemed to be a person on the premises of the educational institution when the student participates in or receives the lesson by means of communication by telecommunication.”


For more information on this matter or other copyright inquiries, or to schedule a presentation about copyright for you and your colleagues please contact the Copyright Office.


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