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Course Packages ("course packs")

A course package is a compilation of materials that is sold in hardcopy to students through Retail Services. It can include various types of materials, such as journal articles, excerpts from books or the instructor's own work.

Staff at Retail Services are responsible for producing the course pack, and the Copyright Office is responsible for acquiring any copyright permissions or licences that are needed. The cost of course packs can vary depending on copyright fees, the number of pages and documents and the volume of course packs being produced. Those costs are generally reflected in the selling price of the course pack.

Obtaining clearances for materials can take a long time (on average of six to eight weeks), so please submit your requests early so that your course pack will be available in time.

Any materials that can be handed out in hardcopy in class without copyright permission (e.g., materials covered under the University’s Fair Dealing Guidelines, materials covered under the Copyright Act’s “Internet exception”) can be included in course pack without permission.

A course pack can be submitted through the Retail Services' online textbook adoption form. For important deadlines and more information on how to create a course pack, please visit the University Bookstore website. For assistance, please contact


To adopt a required textbook for your class, please use Retail Services' online textbook adoption form.

Publishers often include supplementary materials, such as digital teaching resources, with the instructor’s version of a required textbook. In most cases, the textbook publishers may allow you to include copies of text, figures, images, charts, etc., in your lecture slides and other course materials, but only if the textbook is a required text for the course. Please review the copyright notice provided with the materials or talk to your publisher representative to determine conditions and terms of use that may be attached to your use of the work. For your records, please keep a copy of any permissions that you receive.

Getting Help

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