Course Websites & Course Managment Systems (i.e. Blackboard)

Most material that is found on the Internet is not in public domain and is subject to the same copyright rules as any other material. If you find something on an open (not password protected) website that you want to share with your students, you can simply provide a link to the site and students can go there to access the material themselves.  You may also reproduce any legitimately posted works that are available through the Internet, provided that the source and author are attributed, unless the works are protected by TPMs (“digital locks”) or a clearly visible notice is posted on the website or the work (not simply the copyright symbol alone), which prohibits the activity.

Look under the “Terms of Use” or “Legal Notices” of the webpage for information on permissible uses and contact information for permissions. If you are required to seek permission to use the content, please keep a copy of any permissions you receive.

The University Library can assist you in creating persistent links to electronic journal articles, e-books available through the library. You may consult the Library usage rights search tool, to see how the university’s license permits use of the material, or provide a link to an online source of the material. Your liaison librarian may also be able to assist you in preparing a course resource page with links to online library resources.

In most cases, textbook publishers may allow you to include copies of text, in addition to figures, images, charts, etc. in your PowerPoint slides and online resources (such as the course website), but usually only if the textbook is a required text for the course. You should check with the publisher first before posting the textbook material and comply with any conditions that may be attached to your use of the work. Please keep a record of any permissions you receive.

The Copyright Office is available to help if you have questions about copyright or if you would like to schedule a presentation about copyright for you and your colleagues.

Note: The information obtained from or through this site does not constitute legal advice, but is provided as guidelines for using works for educational purposes.

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