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University of Saskatchewan faculty are the copyright holders of their lectures, as per the USFA collective agreement. However, you may not own the copyright to all of the content within your lecture. Generally any copyrighted material you use is permitted to use for educational purposes through exceptions to the Copyright Act. This also includes providing the material in the virtual classroom (e.g. course website or course management system). It is important that access to the material is limited to the students enrolled in the course and that the limits of the fair dealing guidelines are respected. If you need to make use of a greater volume of material than that which is permitted through fair dealing, you must seek express permission from the copyright holder to post that content. Please be sure to keep a copy of any permissions you receive.

Some solutions to providing material that would require express permission in your lectures and slides:

  • Use material that falls within the limits of fair dealing
  • Provide a link to digital content, such as news articles, YouTube videos, images, etc.
  • Create a persistent link to online material or journal articles (see the Library’s “how to”)
  • Use material for which the university already has a license
  • Use Open Access or Creative Commons-licensed material
  • Use public domain material
  • Use material for which you own rights (e.g. material that you have created and have not relinquished the copyright – such as to your publisher)
  • Request permission for your desired use(s) from the copyright holder
The Copyright Office is available to help if you have questions about copyright or if you would like to schedule a presentation about copyright for you and your colleagues.

Note: The information obtained from or through this site does not constitute legal advice, but is provided as guidelines for using works for educational purposes.

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