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Faculty/Instructor Statement of Copyright Compliance

As part of the University’s commitment to copyright compliance, faculty and instructors are asked annually to acknowledge their responsibilities in this area as outlined in the Use of Materials Protected by Copyright policy. The Faculty/Instructor Statement of Copyright Compliance is an annual digital sign-off for faculty and instructors to promote awareness of the policy and produce evidence of the University’s compliance process. The Statement is sent out via e-mail with the subject “Copyright Compliance Acknowledgement Required”.  Faculty/instructors will be asked to click on a link to respond to the Statement. For additional instructions and a troubleshooting guide for completing the sign-off, please see the notes below:

Instructions and Troubleshooting Notes

**Note: The sign-off process for the Faculty of Medicine differs from the instructions below. If you have questions about the process for the Faculty of Medicine, please contact the Copyright Coordinator at copyright.coordinator@usask.ca or 306-966-8817.**

To respond to the annual “Copyright Compliance Acknowledgement Required” e-mail, please go to https://share.usask.ca/go/cc where you will be asked to log in with your NSID and password. You may have to type in “usask\” before your NSID in order to log in successfully if you are using Internet Explorer.

Under the heading “My Outstanding Agreement Requests,” there will be a hyperlink that says “Copyright [your NSID]” for you to click on to access the webpage where you will complete the sign-off:

After you click the “Copyright [your NSID]” hyperlink, a webpage will open up that includes the Statement of Copyright Compliance and options to agree or disagree with the statement. Select your response and then click the “Submit” button.

When your response has been successfully recorded in the system, you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail that says “Thank you for responding to the “Copyright Compliance Acknowledgement Required” e-mail. Your response has been successfully recorded.”

If you are having trouble logging in or are experiencing other technical difficulties (such as the screen remaining blank after you log in), try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Try reloading or refreshing the page in your browser.
  • Try a different browser. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (Windows only), Safari (Mac only).
  • If you are having trouble responding from a mobile device (e.g., tablet, smartphone), try responding from a laptop or desktop computer.
  • If you are having trouble responding from off-campus, try responding from on campus.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure the “Domain:” in the login box says “usask”.  See the image below:

If you are still experiencing technical difficulties, contact the ICT Service Desk for assistance at 306-966-2222 or 1-800-966-4817. If possible, please provide the approximate time you attempted to complete the sign-off as well as any error messages you saw (especially the “Correlation ID”).

If you have copyright questions or are at all concerned about the legitimacy of the automated e-mails from SharePoint, please contact the Copyright Coordinator at copyright.coordinator@usask.ca or 306-966-8817.