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On Campus

Copyright Office

The Copyright Office's mandate includes:

  • Providing educational programs and advice on copyright matters
  • Implementing a centralized compliance process to help staff, faculty, and students comply with copyright rules, and to encourage appropriate practices
  • Implementing a centralized service for obtaining clearance for the use of copyrighted materials

The Copyright Coordinator (966-8817) can answer your questions about the university’s copyright policy and related guidelines, provide educational sessions for you and your colleagues regarding general copyright information, and assist you with developing appropriate practices for using materials protected by copyright.

University Library

The University Library can assist you in finding alternatives to coursepacks by considering the following:

  1. Place materials on reserve at the libraries
  2. Use material that falls within the limits of fair dealing and/or educational exceptions
  3. Use copyrighted works through licenses available through alternative venues (e.g. Creative Commons, Open Access, and other licensing agreements managed by the University Library)
  4. Use a textbook
  5. Use electronic resources that are accessible through existing licenses managed by the University Library
  6. Submit material for printed coursepacks (as early as possible) for copyright clearance so that any problematic materials can be identified and substituted

Books, print journals, your own lecture notes, and sample questions/exams may be placed on Reserve in the Library. Photocopied material will normally require that you obtain permission from the copyright holder before it may be placed on Reserve. Note that consumable items (e.g. worksheets, case studies, etc.) generally will not receive permission to be put on reserve if there is a commercial product available for purchase. Always allow yourself sufficient time to contact the copyright holder and have your requests for copyright clearance processed. Any photocopied readings put on reserve must be supplemental, not required readings.

Where necessary, the Library will investigate the possibility of purchasing additional required materials (e.g. books in print and ebooks, magazines, journals, newspapers, periodicals, etc.). Materials may also be brought in through interlibrary loans, or may be otherwise available through LibGuides or RefWorks.

Reference staff may be able to assist you in providing links to electronic journals, journal articles, e-books available through the library, or any open access materials, public domain, or Creative Commons licensed materials. You can also consult the Library resources, to see if the university holds a license to any print or electronic material and how those materials may be used. The catalogue description will indicate the rights negotiated by the Library. If not indicated, please ask the staff as this information is still being processed.

Your liaison librarian may also be able to assist you in preparing a course resource page, with links to online library resources. Links to electronic resources already owned by Library will be provided whenever possible.

University Bookstore

Click here to search for e-Books avaialble through the University Bookstore.

The copyright clearance function for coursepacks, textbooks, and digital sources is located in the Bookstore. The Bookstore will provide copyright clearance for your coursepacks by negotiating with the publishers or copyright holders for the material you wish to use. The cost of coursepacks can vary depending on copyright fees, the number of pages and documents, and the volume of coursepacks being produced. These costs are generally reflected in the selling price of the coursepack.

Please contact the Bookstore at bookstore@usask.ca or 966-4465 for more information on how to create a coursepack and important submission deadlines to follow.

Note: Obtaining clearances for materials can take time (an average of 6-8 weeks or more) so ensure you submit your requests early to be assured that your coursepack will be available in time.

Note: The information obtained from or through this site does not constitute legal advice, but is provided as guidelines for using works for educational purposes.

Creative Commons License
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