Students have certain rights to use materials under the Copyright Act. What you can copy without obtaining permission from the copyright owner is determined in part by the Fair dealing exceptions in the Copyright Act.

Fair dealing covers making a single copy for the purpose of:

1. Private Study
2. Research
3. Review
4. Criticism
5. News Reporting
6. Education
7. Parody
8. Satire

Please note that, similar to the requirements for faculty and other teaching staff, students are required to seek permission from the copyright owner prior to using a work for uses other than those permitted through the university’s existing licenses (e.g. the Library) or for any use outside fair dealing (e.g. copying more than a “small excerpt,” use in a thesis, etc.). Please review the university’s Fair Dealing Guidelines for more information.  If students do not seek permission and have a charge of copyright infringement brought against them by a copyright holder the student will be liable for any damages.

To request permission for uses outside of those allowed under university licenses or fair dealing, you must contact the copyright owner, which is usually either the creator or the publisher, and request permission to use the work. In your request, you should state:

  • The quantity of work that will be copied (such as the number of pages)
  • How the work will be used (such as a photocopy, post on a website, use in a thesis, etc.)
  • How many copies will be made
  • Your deadline (such as the date you intend to make use of the material)

If permission is granted for your use, ensure that you get it in writing (an email is fine) and comply with any requirements as directed by the copyright holder. Keep the letter/email of permission on file in case you are ever required to provide proof of permission.


The Copyright Office is available to help if you have questions or would like more information about copyright.

Note: The information obtained from or through this site does not constitute legal advice, but is provided as guidelines for using works for educational purposes.

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