While we understand that students may be interested in sharing resources to help one another in their course work, there are copyright-related implications of that sharing of which you should be aware.

Course materials

Your course materials are provided to you based on your registration in a class, and any materials created by your professors and instructors are protected by copyright law. This includes exams, lecture slides and other course notes. Additionally, other copyright-protected materials created by textbook publishers and authors may be provided to you based on contracts, licences and educational exceptions in the Canadian Copyright Act.

Unless the materials have an open copyright licence attached to them (for example, a Creative Commons licence), posting others’ copyright-protected materials on the Internet is not covered under the University of Saskatchewan (USask) Copyright Policy. If permission from the copyright holder is not acquired before posting their material online or uploading it to an artificial intelligence (AI) platform, this activity could be considered a copyright infringement. Other distribution of your course materials without copyright permission – for example, distributing materials by e-mail – may also be an instance of copyright infringement.

Please note that a breach of the USask Copyright Policy may be considered a case of Student Academic or Non-Academic Misconduct.

For more information about academic conduct, please contact the Governance Office.

Recording lectures

Recording video and/or audio of your class lectures without permission from your instructor is not allowed, as stated in the University of Saskatchewan Academic Courses Policy. One exception to this rule is that “[a] student may record lectures without such permission only if the Access and Equity Services office [hyperlink added] has approved this accommodation for the student. The instructor will be notified of this accommodation. Such recordings would not be shared, and would be deleted at the conclusion of the class.” (Academic Courses Policy on Class Delivery, Examinations, and Assesment of Student Learning, Section 5.6 – Responsibilities of students)

If you do have recordings from your class lectures, it is not permitted for you to post those recordings online or to distribute the recordings to other people unless you have permission from your instructor to do so.

Getting help

If you have any questions or concerns about copyright, please let us know!

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